The Quackometer: Banned!

October 5, 2007 9

At last, the Quackometer has been banned by the Net Authority. I feel justified and vindicated. This website has been investigated by Net Authority, and has been found to be in violation of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy by posting the following kinds of content: Hateful material Blasphemy Offensive political material Bestiality and/or interracial relationships Be cautioned! This website contains strongly offensive material and is not suitable for young children. [read more…]

Holland & Barrett: Quacks and Shark Killers

October 3, 2007 28

Here’s something that I feel passionate about. Le Canard Noir is a diving duck and has just come back from a diving holiday. Most divers I meet have developed a special sense of awareness of the fragility of the underwater environment and many of my scuba friends are involved with conservation projects. We see things non-divers do not: damaged reefs, bleached reefs, discarded nets, rubbish, hooks in fish, and disturbingly, [read more…]

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