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Complimentary medicine Chiropractic

Male therapist rotates a female body with pressure
at her shoulder and hip.
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    Do Not Allow Corporate Chiropractic ‘Spinal Assessments’ in Your Workplace

    Corporate HR departments are obviously keen to promote the health of their employees as this will help productivity, reduce sick days and is  seen as a perk by the employees. This is often done by such means as subsidised gym membership, cycle-to-work schemes and private health insurance benefits.  However, the more murky side of this laudable aim is the introduction of so-called ‘wellness consultants’ who will peddle various forms of dubious advice around nutrition and lifestyle. These consultancy outfits are often based around discredited notions of Nutritional Therapy and other forms of pseudoscientific health beliefs that tend to make money. [read more...]

On the The Reckless Physicking of Amateur Females.

by Andy Lewis in featured 32

It would appear to be important for homeopaths to show how the rich, blue blooded and famous are supporters of homeopathy. One might suggest that in lieu of meaningful scientific evidence for homeopathy, appeals to the beliefs of the influential and celebrities are all that are left. Dana Ullman, America’s [read more...]

The Vets Who Make People Feel Better

by Andy Lewis in featured 35

Some years ago, a well meaning but utterly deluded friend gave me a book entitled Natural Remedies For Your Cat by Christopher Day. It is a slightly disturbing tome that appears to recommend homeopathic remedies for pretty much everything – from fleas to gunshot wounds. Rational cat lovers might find [read more...]