• Rudolf Steiner

    The Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley’s Fight For Existence

    The Telegraph reports in an ‘exclusive’ that Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley (RSSKS) has been ordered to close by the government. Six weeks ago, I reported on how the School had received a series of terrible inspection reports that resulted in the school being unable to take on new pupils. The Secretary of State for Education has now issued a notice for the school to be deregistered and closed. The last Ofsted inspection report was damning and horrifying. At the heart of the problems were failures in child protection issues. One teacher,┬áDenis McCarthy, was sacked for ‘gross misconduct’, although the [read more...]
  • homeopathy

    Homeopaths’ Paranoia Reaches New High

    Bristol CCG are one of the few remaining NHS commissioning services in England that still fund homeopaths. They are considering decommissioning the provisioning of homeopathy, mostly though a private company run by a homeopathic doctor [read more...]

Should Cochrane Call for More Research Into Homeopathy?

by Andy Lewis in featured 14

The Cochrane Collaboration is an independent network of volunteers, funded only by donations, that collate systematic reviews of the evidence base for healthcare interventions. You can go online and view for yourself the current best thinking on how effective various treatments are. It is an important resource. (And you can [read more...]