Fitzpatrick on WDDTY

November 20, 2013 61

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, a trustee of Sense About Science, has written an article, in online magazine Spiked, criticising the detractors of magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You. In the article, Even Quacks Must Have Free Speech, Fitzpatrick says Simon Singh and blogger Matthew Lam are wrong to call for the ‘consoring’ or restriction of the distribution of this “fundamentally silly magazine”. The argument appears to be one of simple free [read more…]

WDDTY: An Evil Agenda

October 31, 2013 57

The latest November issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You has appeared and has delivered on its promise to devote an issue to cancer treatment with homeopathy and other quackery. It has been a tense month for the magazine owners as an impromptu campaign has happened where people have been writing to High Street retailers, such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s warning that the magazine contains serious health misinformation and a dangerous [read more…]

Call to Action: Tesco and WDDTY

September 20, 2013 143

Tesco may be changing its stance on this highly controversial magazine. Time to act and remind them how dangerous and unacceptable this publication is. For a year now, there has been much concern that mainstream retail outlets have been stocking and selling a magazine called What Doctors Don’t Tell You. Now, there are many magazines on the shelves that frequently promote superstitious and pseudoscientific forms of health belief, such as homeopathy, vitamins [read more…]

Incurable stupidity and irresponsibility at WDDTY

February 1, 2013 202

Today, the latest version of What Doctors Don’t Tell you goes on sale in WHSMiths, Waitrose, Sainsbury and many other high street locations. The February issue makes some of its most startling and irrersponsible claims yet. The front cover proclaims “Mega-cure for the incurables – Vitamin C fights it all, from measles to AIDS”. That is quite a startling claim. The feature article is by WDDTY founder, Lynn McTaggart, and [read more…]

Should WHSmith Stock WDDTY Magazine?

October 1, 2012 339

An almighty battle between quacks and sceptics appears to be underway. Last month, saw the publication of a new magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You. It is being distributed by many mainstream retailers such as Waitrose,  Sainsbury and WHSmith. Those of you who read my blog regularly will realise that this magazine is the latest offering from Lynne McTaggart who produces the What Doctors Don’t Tell You website. It is one of [read more…]

The MP, the ASA and the Case of Alyssa Burns-Hill

May 27, 2016 22

Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill has advertised her medical services as “Harley Street Hormone Health”. With the Harley Street address and the title ‘Dr’ you might be forgiven for thinking that Alyssa Burns-Hill is a medically trained doctor. She is not. But she describes herself as a ‘practitioner of health in its broadest sense’, although not so broad as to be an actual qualified medical doctor. Using the title ‘Dr’ is not protected in [read more…]

Will Any Homeopath Say Homeopathy is no Substitute for Radiotherapy?

December 7, 2012 246

The story is tragic. A young mother with a child with cancer, fearing that radiotherapy will do more harm than good, and believing homeopathy and other natural cures give her child the best chance, fleas to escape a court ordering treatment. She was found in East Grinstead and the child has been taken into care and she is in court. Her position is quite understandable. The ‘natural health’ world is [read more…]

Three Quack Stories and Santa’s Quantum Sack

November 26, 2012 18

The December issue of the nation’s most dangerous quack magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You, is hitting the magazine shelves of your local supermarket and newsagent now. The greatest merit of the magazine is that it serves as a condensed example of all the ways alternative health reporting seeks to mislead you and drive you away from your doctor and into the clutches of your friendly herbalist, vitamin salesman and [read more…]

What Doctors Don’t Tell You – A Publishing Sensation

October 4, 2012 335

Hot on the heels of the new killer magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You we are seeing an explosion of new titles trying to mimic its success. Here is the original and a raft of copycat titles. Enjoy.   If the original has disturbed you, and the associated threats to sue Simon Singh for daring to suggest that this title was irresponsible, please see, Quack rag distributor threatens to sue [read more…]

The Fear of Fukushima Radiation

July 24, 2012 24

The website What Doctors Don’t Tell You operates on the premise that there is a body of health knowledge that you are not going to find out from your doctor because they are ‘locked into conventional paradigms’, ignorant, in league with Big Pharma, or unlikely to make money from this knowledge. The mundane truth is that Doctors do not tell you the things on this website because they are wrong, [read more…]

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