Fighting for the Woo Pound in Your Pocket

2nd December, 2007 11

Dr. Manish Bhatia of has issued a new email newsletter entitled The Fight Back for Homeopathy. Apparently, there are a lot of anti-homeopathy bloggers and newspaper articles around at the moment. Get away? The impact of this, says Dr B, is devastating with homeopathy bleeding to death. Dr B is marshaling the troops for a come-back. He quotes from emails sent to him to document the terrible effect of [read more…]

Homeopaths Changing Stories

1st December, 2007 8

This, morning David Colquhoun was on the Radio 4 Today programme (listen again, 20 minutes in) making the charge that today’s Society of Homeopaths Symposium on AIDS was deeply irresponsible. The whole story of what the homeopaths are up to at this symposium is a nonsense. They are claiming that the group will be examining the evidence for the role of homeopathy in treating AIDS. But there is one thing [read more…]

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