The Faculty of Homeopathy are a Shambles and a Bad Joke

30th August, 2009 33

I have recently criticised the Society of Homeopaths for producing a cherry picked review of the evidence for homeopathy when they tried to counter the World Health Organisation’s statement condemning the use of homeopathy for dangerous diseases like malaria, HIV, TB and childhood diarrhoea. These are big killers around the world and few western homeopaths are seeding dangerous ideas to local communities, especially in Africa, that homeopathic sugar pills can [read more…]

Ozone Therapy, The Homeopath and Savage Grace

27th August, 2009 35

Put conventional logic to one side and join me on a trip to the Caribbean where we will meet holistic therapists, dodgy diagnostic tests, fantastical cancer treatments, heavy metal rock gods, porn stars and also some really bad and shocking things too. Louise Mclean (not pictured) is a rather prominent UK homeopath and writer. Based in London, and a member of the Homeopathic Medical Association, she is probably most famous [read more…]

The Society of Homeopaths are a Shambles and a Bad Joke.

21st August, 2009 77

The last time I said that, the Society tried to sue me and my web hosts for defamation. So let’s say it again. They are a shambles and a bad joke. Worse, their irresponsible behaviour puts lives at risk. Today the World Health Organisation condemned the use of homeopathy for dangerous diseases such as malaria, AIDS and childhood diarrhea. It has taken a very long time for them to do [read more…]

Homeopath Struck Off. Shock!

13th August, 2009 13

Appearing on the Society of Homeopath’s web site is a report that a member has been struck off their register. This is the first instance that I am aware of where the self-regulating body has taken the step of removing someone from their register regarding matters of their practice. (Yes, SoH has removed people before and you can see a report on the same page, but this looks as if [read more…]

Dutch Sceptics Have ‘Bogus’ Libel Decision Overturned On Human Rights Grounds.

3rd August, 2009 13

The Dutch sceptics group, Vereniging tegen de Kwakzalverij (VtdK – The Society against Quackery) have managed to overturn a important court ruling that was preventing them calling quacks quacks. In a remarkable case, that in many ways closely parallels the BCA vs. Simon Singh case in the UK, a judge has decided that using a narrow definition of the word ‘Quack’ that a previous ruling was forcing the group to [read more…]