George Vithoulkas Makes a Fool of Himself

24th February, 2010 303

This is a minor one but it is worth a brief post: George Vithoulkas is considered to be one of the top intellectuals in the homeopathic world. Revered for his teachings and fundamentalist approach to the teachings of Hahnemann, he is probably one of the best known homeopaths alive today. His writings underpin much of the contemporary homeopathic opposition to modern medicine, vaccines and science. He thinks AIDS was caused [read more…]

The Bleakest Day for Homeopathy

22nd February, 2010 43

The much anticipated House of Commons report into the Evidence Check on Homeopathy has now been published and it may well be the report that changes the face of homeopathy in the UK. But more than that, its implications will also be felt around the world. In a thorough appraisal of the issues and evidence that will become required reading for any health official looking at the public funding and [read more…]

Omniscan and GE Healthcare’s Sinister Libel Suit

17th February, 2010 15

There are quite a few libel cases underway at present where large financial vested interests are using the insidious English libel laws to attempt to silence scientists and journalists who have questioned medical claims. To my mind, one of the most chilling and sinister concerns the case of Danish researcher, Henrik Thomsen, who gave a presentation to about 30 scientists and doctors in the Randolph Hotel in Oxford. This meeting [read more…]

Boots Maternity TENS Machines. Do they work?

14th February, 2010 26

So, in a few weeks, Quackometer Manor will have a new arrival, and like all good middle class parents-to-be, we are currently attending compulsory NCT classes, to learn all the mystical secrets of giving birth and looking after a little one. It’s all a bit candles and crystals, and when we are not sat on the floor with the tips of our tongues sticking out, using crayons to express our [read more…]

Liverpool NHS PCT Offering Quack Mysticism as Cancer Cure

7th February, 2010 22

Liverpool NHS Primary Care Trust funds a Department of Homeopathy, one the last four remaining publicly funded homeopathic hospitals in the UK. It publicises that the clinic in the Old Swan Health Centre can offer homeopathic treatments for everything from arthritis to depression and bowel disorders. There is no good evidence that this is an effective use of public money. Indeed, as was reported in the Guardian yesterday, it looks [read more…]

Dispensing with Homeopathy: A Proposal

3rd February, 2010 27

Let’s run with an idea and see where it goes. The 10:23 campaign has now had loads of publicity and Boots have failed to address any of the central concerns: mainly, that homeopathy is a daft pseudoscience. Moreover, the pharmacy profession and the drugs regulator have remained silent. In all likelihood, Boots will not withdraw their sugar pills and pharmacists will continue to take your money in exchange for pseudo-medicine. [read more…]