Why NHS Homeopathy Must End

17th June, 2010 38

On the 28th of June, the British Medical Association will be meeting for their Annual Representative Meeting. Amongst a diverse range of business, the attendees will be asked to vote on a number of motions to stop or restrict the availability of NHS funded homeopathic treatment. A motion (301) [pdf] by the agenda committee reads “there should be no further commissioning of, nor funding for, homeopathic remedies or homeopathic hospitals [read more…]

The Curious Case of Nativis, The Forsaken Nobel Prize Winner and the Ghost of Jacques Benveniste

10th June, 2010 20

I was recently alerted by Bob Park’s rather great What’s New email about an extraordinary new company in the US called Nativis.They have a swish new web site that proclaims “The New Era of Drug Signal Therapy”. Nativis state they are developing a range of new medical products with the  first being called Digitax™ which is aimed at “reducing and eliminating brain tumors”. Exciting stuff. And what makes this look [read more…]

The Magnetic Therapy Water Wand: A Debunking from History

8th June, 2010 19

The recent rain has ensured the last sniffles of hayfever have subsided. It has been a bad few days and the antihistamines may have made things a little more comfortable – but it is the natural cure of a downpour that has really done the trick. I know that many people have been suffering over the past week. The pollen levels must have been particularly high. And, helpful as ever, [read more…]

Fossilised Medicine

1st June, 2010 16

This weekend, the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths will be holding their AGM. On the same day, they will be offering their members some Continuing Professional Development with a course on the ‘healing potential’ of fossils. According to Martine Mercy, who will be giving the course, fossils represent “powerful healing from the dawn of time” and “are minerals with a difference, due to their geometrical markings and inscribed memories.” Mercy tells [read more…]