The Curious Last Quack of the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health

30th July, 2010 9

Last April, I predicted that Prince Charles quackery promoting charity, the Foundation for Integrated Health faced imminent closure due to non submission of accounts to the Charity Commission. Ten days later, the Foundation announced its intention to close amid arrests for fraud and money laundering. In a statement, the charity claimed that it had always intended to close as its aims had been met. This claim was met with derision: [read more…]

Secret Email Reveals more Homeopathic Killing in Kenya

25th July, 2010 29

I have history with the Abha Light Foundation. I first criticised them three years ago when I wrote about a UK homeopath, Julia Wilson, who had joined Abha Light in Kenya – an organisation that sells a homeopathic product called MalariX. This sugar pill is used to treat and prevent malaria. It does not work – it is a simple sugar pill with no active ingredient. As such, encouraging people [read more…]

The Earl of Bewdley’s Response to the House of Commons Evidence Check

23rd July, 2010 12

Look, I am cooking a moussaka at the moment. But I thought this needed discussing. This document is doing the rounds in quack circles and is a prominent response to the House of Commons Evidence Check on Homeopathy. With the Government likely to respond to this document as early as next week, I thought this required discussion. Given that the writer is an Earl, his opinions are obviously far more [read more…]

Doctor’s Data and Bogus Tests

7th July, 2010 35

This week in The Lawyer, Robert Dougans and David Allen Green wrote about the emerging phenomenon of ‘wiki litigation’ where there is large scale scrutiny and participation in legal proceedings using the web as a shared medium. They used the example of the British Chiropractic Association’s libel case against science writer Simon Singh. This was not just the web watching the case – but actively participating by the scrutiny of [read more…]