Luc Montagnier’s Porridge Pill Cure for AIDS

30th March, 2011 17

Winning a Nobel Prize is the greatest honour a scientist can achieve. However, the prize means that they will be looked upon as people with special wisdom and insight and their views and endorsements will be eagerly sought. This is a simple error, as excellence in one time and place does not mean that winners need be superlative in all areas. Frenchman, Luc Montagnier received his Nobel Prize for work [read more…]

Worlds Collide for David Tredinnick MP

12th March, 2011 5

David Tredinnick is a Tory Member of Parliament who appears to be obsessed with a couple of issues. In the past year, he has received 17 written answers to questions he has asked in parliament (below average), and they appear to cover two issues: firstly, the promotion of superstitious forms of medicine; and secondly, protestors making Parliament Square look unsightly. I suppose in such ways Tredinnick feels he is best [read more…]

Director of the Society of Homeopaths Threatens Libel Action Against Paul Offit

4th March, 2011 81

In today’s issue of Spiked, you can read a review of a new book by Paul Offit entitled Deadly Choices: How The Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All. However, if you live in the UK, the review is all you can read, as publication of the book has been stopped after the publishers were threatened with a libel action. The book is an account of the rise of the anti-vaccination movement. [read more…]

The World Has Become Slightly Less Quacky

1st March, 2011 16

March 1st sees the Advertising Standards Authority take on complaints about misleading claims on websites. This means that if your local friendly quack is telling people that they can cure gouty toes and windy bowels with the power of a magic knitting needle then you can write to the ASA who may ask them to stop if they cannot substantiate their claims. I have a feeling that it is going [read more…]