Solal Technologies Sues South African Sceptic

12th October, 2012 6

Solal Technologies, a South African company that sells a wide range of vitamin and food supplements with associated questionable claims, is suing the writer Kevin Charleston for saying that their claims are pseudoscientific. In their summons, Solal claim Charleston owes them R350,000 (about £25,000) for claiming that Solal are engaged in misleading business practices and are bullies. Charleston wrote a blog article that stated that a glossy magazine called Health Intelligence (see [read more…]

What Doctors Don’t Tell You – A Publishing Sensation

4th October, 2012 335

Hot on the heels of the new killer magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You we are seeing an explosion of new titles trying to mimic its success. Here is the original and a raft of copycat titles. Enjoy.   If the original has disturbed you, and the associated threats to sue Simon Singh for daring to suggest that this title was irresponsible, please see, Quack rag distributor threatens to sue [read more…]

Should WHSmith Stock WDDTY Magazine?

1st October, 2012 339

An almighty battle between quacks and sceptics appears to be underway. Last month, saw the publication of a new magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You. It is being distributed by many mainstream retailers such as Waitrose,  Sainsbury and WHSmith. Those of you who read my blog regularly will realise that this magazine is the latest offering from Lynne McTaggart who produces the What Doctors Don’t Tell You website. It is one of [read more…]