Fitzpatrick on WDDTY

20th November, 2013 61

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, a trustee of Sense About Science, has written an article, in online magazine Spiked, criticising the detractors of magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You. In the article, Even Quacks Must Have Free Speech, Fitzpatrick says Simon Singh and blogger Matthew Lam are wrong to call for the ‘consoring’ or restriction of the distribution of this “fundamentally silly magazine”. The argument appears to be one of simple free [read more…]

Boots Selling Dubious Philips BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch

8th November, 2013 23

For £275.00, Boots will sell you a sort of torch that it claims offers a “natural, drug-free way to treat back pain”. Made by Philips, this device uses some blue LED lights that it claims “stimulates the body’s natural healing process.”. This was brought to my attention by a tweet from Richard Wiseman, New product in Boots claims blue LED light eases back pain. Is this shite? — Richard Wiseman (@RichardWiseman) [read more…]