Lord Saatchi Compares Doctors to Medieval, Barbaric Hanging Judges

29th June, 2014 14

The Second Reading of the dreadfully misconceived and dangerous Medical Innovation Bill took place in the House of Lord’s last Friday. Condemned as a Quack’s Charter for attempting to remove legal protections from patients against maverick, quack and incompetent practice, the team supporting the Bill have been relying on emotive language and anecdotes about cancer patients to push this through. Lord Saatchi started the debate with a condemnation of doctors [read more…]

Does the Updated Saatchi Bill Pass the Burzynski Test?

5th June, 2014 0

Today, Lord Saatchi is presenting his Private Member’s Bill to the House of Lords. It is the start, he hopes, of this Bill’s passage to become law. I have previously documented about how this Bill looks like it could be a Quacks’ Charter and could even hinder medical research, against the express aims of the Bill. It is quite clear too, that the overwhelming response of doctors, professional bodies, medical [read more…]