Clarins: Untruthful, Scaremongering Quacks

15th August, 2007 5

Six meddlesome members of the public have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that Clarins have been making untruthful, unsubstantiated and scaremongering claims about their E3P product. Previously, I wrote about this product and how it is making claims that it can protect against ‘Artificial Electromagnetic Waves’. The claims made and the evidence given by Clarins were utter tosh. Specifically, the ASA considered three complaints: 1. Clarins could substantiate the [read more…]

Beauty and the Quack

20th March, 2007 11

Quackery is not just found in ‘alternative’ medicine and the high street homeopathic practice. Quackery exists wherever claims for health benefits are made that do not stand up to scrutiny. Today I want to look at the claims of a billion dollar business, one of the top 20 household products sellers outside of the US, Clarins. Are they guilty of quackery? This is a bit of departure for the quackometer [read more…]