Society of Homeopaths ‘Taking Legal Advice’ to Fight the ASA.

15th November, 2016 9

In September, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority wrote to all homeopaths informing them that it would be taking action against homeopaths that did not comply with the rules for making claims in advertising. It has taken the ASA many years to get to this position after trying to work with homeopaths and their trade bodies to ensure they cleaned up their act. The Nightingale Collaboration has been campaigning hard and [read more…]

The Society of Homeopaths Have Achieved PSA Accreditation

12th September, 2014 39

Our health care regulators cannot differentiate between a health care profession and a pseudo-medical cargo cult. The Professional Standards Authority has accredited the Society of Homeopaths as a holder of a approved voluntary register of health-care practitioners. The PSA have announced in a press release that, Patients and the public can have confidence in the Society of Homeopaths’ voluntary register which has been vetted and approved by the Professional Standards [read more…]

Ten Reasons why the Society of Homeopaths Should not Receive PSA Accreditation

6th January, 2014 101

The Society of Homeopaths are applying to become accredited as a voluntary professional register with the Professional Standards Authority. Should the PSA approve their application, it will mean that the PSA, rather than ensuring standards in health care, has become a direct threat to public health. The PSA are calling for feedback by the 17th of January on the Society of Homeopaths before they approve them. Perhaps you might want to [read more…]

Society of Homeopaths Seeks Accreditation from the Professional Standards Authority

8th May, 2013 27

Health regulators do an important thing: protect the public from the potential risks that health care providers and their practices pose to their clients. Risks cannot be avoided in health care. For any treatment that will have effects, there is the risk that there will be detrimental effects which may outweigh any benefit. If a patient is informed of these risks and benefits, good decisions can be made. Alternative medicine [read more…]

The Society of Homeopaths Intend to Ignore the Law.

28th June, 2012 43

As we saw a few days ago, the medicines regulator have written a robust response to the current panic campaign by homeopaths to try to create new legislation that would let them practice legally. It is slowly dawning on homeopaths that their business model is illegal. And with current plans to simplify medicines legislation, that illegality has been exposed. The Society of Homeopaths look like they have been lobbying ministers. [read more…]

Director of the Society of Homeopaths Threatens Libel Action Against Paul Offit

4th March, 2011 81

In today’s issue of Spiked, you can read a review of a new book by Paul Offit entitled Deadly Choices: How The Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All. However, if you live in the UK, the review is all you can read, as publication of the book has been stopped after the publishers were threatened with a libel action. The book is an account of the rise of the anti-vaccination movement. [read more…]

In Five Years, the Society of Homeopaths Have Learnt Nothing

5th January, 2011 43

Hat tip to the Quackometer on BBC Newsnight…   Before they reconsider their damning response. here it is… with annotations in red   Society of Homeopaths does not endorse “preventative” treatment in serious tropical diseases The Society of Homeopaths, the UK’s largest register of homeopaths with 1,500 members, does not endorse the use of homeopathic remedies with a view to preventing serious tropical diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. [read more…]

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