A complaint to the Society of Homeopaths about the H:MC21 ad might be innevitable

After yesterdays complaint to the ASA regarding this ad, a complaint to the Society of Homeopaths really ought to be the only thing a concerned citizen could do.

William Alderson is Chair and Treasurer of HMC21. He is also a Director of the Society of Homeopaths.

Their code of ethics is quite clear on the standards they expect in advertising.

Advertising and Media

38 All advertising must be published in a way that conforms to the law and to (the guidance issued in the British Code of Advertising Practice).

39 Professional advertising must be factual and not seek to mislead or deceive, or make unrealistic or extravagant claims. Advertising may indicate special interests but must not make claims of superiority or disparage professional colleagues or other professionals. No promise of cure, either implicit or explicit, should be made of any named disease. All research should be presented clearly honestly and without distortion, all speculative theories will be stated as such and clearly distinguished.

Of course, we shall wait and see what the ASA make of the advert, but my guess is that every single clause here has been breached.

What would the Society do?

Don’t hold your breath.

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