An Unacceptable Response from the BBC

July 4, 2013 20

I have received a reply from the BBC to my complaint that BBC Radio London seriously misled its listeners during a ‘Barking Hour’ programme on the use of chiropractic and homeopathy for dogs. Details of the concerns are listed on my previous blog post. To remind you, the programme was given over to “animal chiropractor”,  Kay McCarroll, who made many unchallenged, misleading statements about quack treatments for dogs. The programme misled [read more…]

Homeopaths Embrace Vaccination Against Measles – Or Do They?

April 17, 2013 53

  There is no general reason why a child in the UK should suffer measles. We have excellent and safe medical  technology to ensure communities can be free from this nasty disease. And yet, we are seeing hundreds of children in South Wales currently being infected and many being hospitalised. Your favourite Tory MP, Dr Sarah Wollaston, has been concerned about her own constituents in Totnes where full MMR uptake [read more…]

Crick’s Nobel Medal Ends Up In Questionable Hands

April 12, 2013 37

Yesterday, the family of Francis Crick, one of the discoverers of the structure of DNA, sold his Nobel medal for more than £1.3 million. It was reported that the medal was sold to Jack Wang, “CEO of Biomobie, a regenerative medicine technology company located in Silicon Valley and Shanghai.” Wang is behind a company that sells a device called a “Bioboosti”. The small elecronic orb-like device is claims to regenerate organs by [read more…]

On the Use of Red Wine for Paediatric Anaesthetics during Ritual Genital Cutting.

February 19, 2013 54

An ancient spiritual rite of initiation takes place. The foreskin of a newborn infant is to be removed. That area of the body that is most sensitive to touch and serves as protection to the infant’s penis it to be sliced off with a knife. It will be traumatic and will hurt the child enormously. The child may suffer complications, some life-threatening, and may curtail his sexual pleasure in the [read more…]

Biodynamic Farming: “A rather magnificent cow-dung ice cream cone”

February 15, 2013 142

More ill-considered tosh from our national broadcaster. This time it’s biodynamic farming. Sitting out on the bonkers fringes of the organic farming movement squats another of Rudolph Steiner’s bastard offspring birthed at a lecture series in 1924. [Follow the link and see what passes for research in some areas of social science. You can tell it’s ‘science’ cos it’s got numbers and some Σ symbols. Maths-tastic!] Among its principles are planting schemes [read more…]

Write to Your MP about NHS Choices

February 14, 2013 2

Today’s Guardian has revealed the extraordinary story of how the Department of Health corrupted information on the NHS Choices web site to make it more pleasing to homeopaths and the Prince of Wales.  The story was uncovered by a Freedom of Information request by Professor David Colquhoun. The Department of Health took a cowardly approach where they tried to minimise the possibility of homeopaths and their supporters complaining to them. They chose expediency over allowing [read more…]

Homeopathic Quality Control – It’s Nonexistent

February 12, 2013 51

Christopher Brookmyre’s short story place b., contained in his anthology, Jaggy Splinters, includes a rather amusing story about how a journalist goes undercover to sting the fictitious NHS Hospital, the Edinburgh and Lothian Homeopathic Hospital. What would happen if there was a break-in by sceptical activists at a homeopathic pill manufacturers where the pills were swapped for blank sugar pills? How would the homeopaths at the hospital react when newspaper stories [read more…]

Incurable stupidity and irresponsibility at WDDTY

February 1, 2013 202

Today, the latest version of What Doctors Don’t Tell you goes on sale in WHSMiths, Waitrose, Sainsbury and many other high street locations. The February issue makes some of its most startling and irrersponsible claims yet. The front cover proclaims “Mega-cure for the incurables – Vitamin C fights it all, from measles to AIDS”. That is quite a startling claim. The feature article is by WDDTY founder, Lynn McTaggart, and [read more…]

Falsely balanced or balanced by falsity?

January 29, 2013 25

This is a guest post from vet, Simon Baker. It is timely for me as last week I turned down the offer of being interviewed by the BBC on a subject concerning quackery. I knew who I was ‘up against’ and struggled to see how such a report could ever be accurate and appropriately balanced. Simon’s post explores the problems of balance in the media when discussing fringe ideas. Prologue [read more…]

Why Does the MHRA Not Close Down these Homeopaths?

January 18, 2013 69

BBC South West have again produced an excellent investigation into the practices of homoeopath,s this time focusing on the trade in sugar pills sold as vaccines for children. Given the alarming number of cases of Whooping Cough in the region, and the low vaccine uptake in some areas, there is concern that parents using such products could be putting their children at serious risk. The BBC found Prince Charles’ favourite homeopathic pharmacy selling sugar [read more…]

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