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    Rudolf Steiner

    Frome Steiner Free School in Financial Trouble

    The first Free School approved in the UK run under the occult teachings of Rudolf Steiner has been issued with a ‘Financial Notice to Improve’. Frome Steiner Academy was set up in 2012 with the support of Michael Gove after applications from local Steiner supporters including Emma Cragie, former trustee of Bruton Steiner School, and her sister Annunziatta Rees Mogg (whose brother is local MP Jacob Rees Mogg). A letter that has appeared on the Department for Education web site states that the School has failed to submit its audited financial statements and so is in breach of its Trust Funding Agreement. [read more...]

Neal’s Yard Ethical Bullshit Remedy

by Andy Lewis in featured 251

Neal’s Yard Remedies has announced that it is withdrawing is Malaria Officinalis 30C homeopathic remedy from sale. This is the absolute minimum it could have done given that its Exeter Branch was recently caught out by the BBC South West programme Inside Out selling this remedy as protection against malaria. [read more...]