Organic Milk Is/Is Not Healthier

Those of you paying attention will have seen the quackometer spot these two stories from the past few weeks in the Daily Mail:

Organic milk ‘better for a healthy diet’
29th August 2006

Organic milk is not healthier, says food watchdog
21st September 2006

So, just a few weeks apart and completely different slants. As an act of kindness, to save you from the pain of reading these articles and deciding between them, I have condensed them into one easy-to-read organic milk heath scare/health promotion story…

‘Experts’ say Organic Milk Is/Is Not Healthier
The Daily Mail
Organic milk has more/fewer benefits than standard milk and official advice should reflect this, ‘experts’ have said. A succession of studies in Britain and around the world have found higher levels/the same level of vital nutrients, particularly omega-3.

They want the FSA to change/keep its stance on organic milk, and “recognise that there are differences/no differences between organic and non-organic milk”. The decision is a body blow/boost to organic dairy farmers, who have seen a boom/drop in sales on the back of a belief that it is healthier/more expensive, particularly for children/cats.

Such a pronouncement would have been a huge promotion/blow to the standing of organic agriculture and, particularly, organic milk. A spokeswoman for the Government said she could not say whether the research would alter their position as they needed time to examine the evidence, unlike the reporters of this newspaper.

The findings have pleased/upset organic farming supporters as well as the scientists involved in the study. The Soil Association, which promotes organic farming, praised/challenged the conclusions whilst talking its usual pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo.

Publicity for this research has driven a remarkable boost/nose-dive in sales, with consumption up/down a staggering 50per cent in the past year. Some supermarkets, such as Tesco, have resorted to importing/exporting supplies from/to Europe/deep-sea dumps.

Lord Melchett, at the Soil Association, said: “The scientists never/always suggested that organic milk was a substitute for eating oily/battered fish. It is not, but there are significant/no nutritional differences. “Knowing that, we believe that people are bright/gullible enough to make up their own minds on whether organic milk is better/more expensive for them.

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I completely disagree with all these so called experts findings. I buy organic milk and many other products because I do not want plutonium in my system. We all know farmers spray dangerous radioactive waste on their crops and I don’t want my family mutating.
Anne, Cambridge

I am forced to drink non-organic milk as it is cheaper and it is all I can afford after loosing my job to an invasion of polish plumbers.
– Dave (ex Heart Surgeon), Nuneaton

Its common sense that organic milk is healthier. Non-organic cows are made of concrete with very low milk productivity.
– Simon, Milton Keynes

Since drinking only organic milk, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my childrens’ IQs and school marks. Unfortunately, they are now so clever, they can now see their parents are half-witted morons for buying this deeply offensive and ignorant newspaper.
– Mathilde, Hounslow

Another plot by Tony and his Euro-cronies to make us drink immigrant organic milk. The cost of organic milk is just another of Gordon’s stealth taxes designed to punish us for being English.
– Bartholemew, Barking

Top Tip. Save money by buying non-organic milk and then performing inexpensive Reiki over your fridge each morning. Reiki has been proven to ‘energetically’ remove pesticides from milk as well as any sane thoughts in your head.
– Karen, Manchester

I have recently started buying organic milk because I find it makes a better cup of tea – and a creamier bowl of porridge – than supermarket-sold ‘fresh’ milk. Of course, I have proven this under strict randomized, double-blind procedures because I am fully aware of my own capacity for wishful thinking, confirmation bias and self-delusion.
– Ray B, Stockport

Drinking organic milk does not produce mucus and allergies – as long as it is organic monkey milk.
– Spikey, Glastonbury

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  1. I buy organic where possible, not because I believe it has direct health benefits for me, but because I want to reduce the amount of shite sloshing about in the world at large.

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