This May Be Fair Trading – Then Again, It May Not.

15th January, 2007 27

Today, the Office of Fair Trading has published its findings into a company that promotes the use of Magnetic Bandages for healing wounds and treating pain. According to the OFT press release, Magnopulse Limited, a company which manufactures and sells magnetic therapy products for humans and animals, including leg wraps, back pads and neck wraps, pet collars and pet beds, has agreed to change its advertising following action by the [read more…]

Who the hell has got it in for Dax Moy?

5th January, 2007 9

Happy new year to you all. I’ve been off for my Christmas break and I am now attending to my post bag and I thought I would share a few gems with the world. First, I am always up for a challenge and so when writer Geoff Freed starts off his email “You pure miserable person”, I know I am in for a treat! When Geoff adds “I bet you [read more…]