PHA Media’s Cynical Spin of Psychic Cancer Claims

30th September, 2009 12

Just a few days after Psychic Cancer Healer, Adrian Pengelly, appeared on the BBC consumer affairs programme, Watchdog, he was the subject of a particularly glowing report in the Daily Mail. Pengelly had been accused of giving dangerous suggestions to people with cancer. Not only did he say on film that he had a 60-65% success rate with his healing hands, he also said that the chances were better if [read more…]

Protecting future ‘Baby Glorias’ from Homeopathic Beliefs

28th September, 2009 18

As I write this, two married Australian homeopaths are spending their first nights in gaol as they begin prison sentences for six and four years respectively for the manslaughter of their baby daughter, Gloria. This is a tragic, not least for the convicted parents. A nine month old baby died unnecessarily in the most horrific way because of her parent’s belief in the superiority and power of homeopathic sugar pills. [read more…]

Adrian Pengelly, Psychic Healer, and English Libel Laws

25th September, 2009 21

It cannot be a good week for Adrian Pengelly. He has been subject to quite a damning BBC Watchdog investigation about his business activities. Adrian claims to be a “Visionary Healer, Energy Worker, Teacher and Psychic” and declares that he is well known for his “work with terminal illnesses and cancer”. If a so called ‘Psychic Healer’ is giving some sort of emotional or spiritual support to ill people then [read more…]

Two Boiled Eggs in Pinstripes and the Four Soldiers of Scepticism

24th September, 2009 0

  October 5th, 2009 7pm – 8pm TAM London – The Amaz!ing Panel Conway Hall, Holborn   Sign Up Here   As part of the official fringe to the first ever London TAM, there will be a panel meeting about the Internet and Scepticism. I will be rushing back from a meeting and so I will not have time to don my usual sceptical wig (pictured above). However, I plan [read more…]

Richard Dawkins to Speak at LibDem Conference on Libel Laws and Science.

19th September, 2009 6

This afternoon, Richard Dawkins will speak about the insidious nature of English Libel Laws as a guest speaker at the Liberal Democrats Conference in Bournemouth. Professor Dawkins (along with me, coughs) was one of the first signatories to the campaign to keep libel laws out of science. This campaign was inspired by the rather shocking story of how science writer Simon Singh is being sued by the British Chiropractic Association [read more…]

Homeopathy: A Warning from Africa

11th September, 2009 20

  This video is starting to do the rounds about how wonderful homeopaths are helping people in Ghana in malarial areas. I hope as many people as possible watch this to better understand this irresponsible and murderous delusion. I have no doubt that the homeopath here is sincere. Adjoa Margaret Stack obviously believes she is doing good in Ghana with her Senya/Tamale Homeopathy Project but she appears to lacks any [read more…]

The MHRA and their Double Failure over Homeopathy

2nd September, 2009 28

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have been heavily criticised in recent years for abandoning their core mission by allowing homeopathic sugar pills to contain statements about what symptoms and illnesses they can be used for without having to provide evidence that this is true. The MHRA mission and values: Mission The MHRA’s mission is to enhance and safeguard the health of the public by ensuring that medicines [read more…]