Government bails out Ofquack as it rewrites old press release

19th June, 2009 26

  Last March I asked, “Will the government bail out Ofquack?” when it was becoming very clear that the new government backed ‘regulator’ for pseudo-medical trades people (quacks) were running out of money  fast. It looks like at about the time I was asking this, the CNHC were running cap in hand to the Department of Health. In documents I have obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, it would [read more…]

Basic Alternative Medicine “Baffles Britons”

12th June, 2009 8

Many people in the UK are unable to identify the location of their major chakras, a study warns. A team at the Institute of Magical Thinking found public understanding of basic alternative medicine has not improved since a similar survey was conducted 40 years ago. Less than 50% of the more than 700 people surveyed could correctly place the anahata chakra, Moonbat’s Holistic Drop-in Centre says. Under one-third could place [read more…]

Toadying and Sycophancy

11th June, 2009 18

Of Lordly acquaintance you boast, And the Dukes that you dined with yestreen; Yet an insect’s an insect at most, Tho’ it crawl on the curl of a Queen! Roburt Burns, The Toadeater In the UK, those who wish to challenge the beliefs of alternative therapy have a problem. The greatest exponent of alternative medicine is indeed our future head of state and King, Prince Charles. A little royal patronage [read more…]

McTimoney Chiropractors told to take down their web sites

10th June, 2009 261

This letter has been issued from the McTimoney Association to all its members… Date: 8 June 2009 09:12:18 BDT Subject: FURTHER URGENT ACTION REQUIRED! Dear Member If you are reading this, we assume you have also read the urgent email we sent you last Friday. If you did not read it, READ IT VERY CAREFULLY NOW and – this is most important – ACT ON IT. This is not scaremongering. [read more…]

How the British Chiropractic Association Targets Children

9th June, 2009 20

The British Chiropractic Association do not appear to be too hot on evidence. Given that they are suing Simon Singh, a science writer, for saying that they promoted treatments for children’s ailments, such as asthma and colic, when there was no good evidence, you would have thought that they would have been quick to publish any evidence that existed. In fact, despite the BCA telling us that there is a [read more…]

Homeopathy Awareness Week, 14 – 21st June 2009

9th June, 2009 22

Are you a journalist or presenter looking for someone to discuss Homeopathy Awareness Week? Then please get in touch. The Society of Homeopaths are promoting “Homeopathy – a natural approach for the symptoms of hay fever” Did you know there is no convincing evidence that homeopathy can help with hayfever, or for any other condition? Did you know that homeopaths do not just treat mild self-limiting conditions such as hayfever, [read more…]

The University of Wales is Responsible for Enabling Bogus* Chiropractic Claims to be Made

5th June, 2009 22

The Simon Singh/BCA libel case is having the unintended consequence of the media being full of reports of the strange beliefs of chiropractors. They are a cult like body of people and are demonstrating that they are unwilling to discuss matters of evidence but very happy to call their lawyers to get at their critics. In this way they show behaviour more readily expected from scientologists than a responsible health [read more…]

Simon Singh to Appeal Bogus Decision

3rd June, 2009 44

  “The law has no place in scientific disputes” Simon Singh is to appeal the absurd and astonishingly illiberal ruling made by Sir David Eady in the libel case brought about by the British Chiropractic Association. This is a brave decision by Simon, but an important one as there are issues at stake that go well beyond one case. Today, the charity Sense about Science is launching a campaign to [read more…]

Chiropractic: A Joke

1st June, 2009 31

Apologies…     There were two doctors in a bar, spending the evening moaning about the current state of the NHS, government interference, hospital managers, crap IT, abusive patients, litigious patients, rotas, paperwork, overwork, lack of time with patients who need it – you get the picture. The first says, “You know what? It has got to the state where I want to jack it all in and get into [read more…]

A Carnival of Bogus* Chiropractic

19th May, 2009 62

One of the side effects of the BCA vs Chiropractic libel case is that there are a growing number of people who now realise that Chiropractic is bogus*. Even though Simon Singh may well have suffered a set back from a judge who according to the law can define words as he sees fit, we are now seeing increasing exposure to the bogus* practices of the chiropractic trade. One way [read more…]

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