The Myths of NHS Homeopathy

24th May, 2011 49

MP David Tredinnick has tabled an Early Day Motion for MPs to sign in support of The Homeopathic Research Institutes campaign to promote more research into homeopathy. I have already spelled out in some detail why such research would be deeply unethical: firstly, we already know with a very high degree of certainty that homeopathy is a superstitious form of medical treatment that is completely ineffective; and secondly, research is [read more…]

Doses of Expedience

22nd May, 2011 13

Last week, we saw the “first national conference” of the College of Medicine – the organisation that has arisen from the ashes of Prince Charles’ Foundation for Integrated Health. The Foundation closed last year after it failed to provide its accounts after an employee ran off with all the money. The College of Medicine appears to have perfected the art of ‘bait and switch’ within the world of quackery. Practitioners [read more…]

How Applied Kinesiology Can be Used to Justify any Quack Treatment

19th May, 2011 13

There is little industry of companies that like to sell devices and remedies to protect you from the evils of mobile phones and Wifi. Given that there is no compelling evidence that there is a significant and meaningful threat from such technologies, the major challenge of these outfits is to convince the public that they need their services. This problem will no doubt be helped by last week’s decision by [read more…]

The Mayhem caused by Nightingale

12th May, 2011 14

This little beauty is worth preserving, just in case someone sees a modicum of sense and removes it…Originally here. Complaints About Homeopaths To The UK Advertising Standards AuthorityPosted by Sue Trotter on May 12, 2011 at 3:30am in Social M… [read more…]

Research into Homeopathy is Unethical

6th May, 2011 60

On the 17th of May, David Tredinnick MP will be holding a reception in the House of Commons. In conjunction with the Homeopathy Research Institute, the reception is being held “to promote scientific research in the field of homeopathy.” The invitation letter states, There is currently a growing body of scientific evidence suggesting that homeopathy offers an inexpensive, effective treatment option for many chronic conditions, however the only way to [read more…]

Abha Light Foundation: Funded through Violent Cult.

3rd May, 2011 13

So, today has seen a thorough investigation by the Independent into the Abha Light homeopathy clinics in Africa where HIV positive people are told to forgo life saving medicines in favour of superstitious homeopathic sugar pills. What is more, the investigation found that this quack clinic is being funded through NGOs by UK charities. Who are the people that are funding this shocking enterprise? The answer to that question is [read more…]

Abha Light Must Close

1st May, 2011 17

Kenyan leading newspaper, The Standard on Sunday, has reported that an undercover investigator has exposed how a homeopathic clinic, claiming to treat people with HIV, is advising clients to stop taking life saving anti-retroviral drugs. (See Update below: The Independent has now covered this story in detail with article, leader comment and columnist’s reaction.) The paper also reveals that the Abha Light clinic has been receiving funds from UK homeopathy [read more…]