Abha Light Foundation: Funded through Violent Cult.

didiSo, today has seen a thorough investigation by the Independent into the Abha Light homeopathy clinics in Africa where HIV positive people are told to forgo life saving medicines in favour of superstitious homeopathic sugar pills.

What is more, the investigation found that this quack clinic is being funded through NGOs by UK charities. Who are the people that are funding this shocking enterprise?

The answer to that question is even more shocking.

Abha Light itself describes where its money comes from. Gimpyblog has already described the UK charity SHEAF Trust and its support for Abha Light. Money mainly from homeopaths is channelled through this organisation by Dorset homeopath Penny Rowe. Support for such dangerous activities is not a fringe activity within UK homeopathy, but is actively supported through homeopath’s trade bodies, such as the Society of Homeopaths.

The largest provider of funds though, both in the UK and worldwide, is an organisation called AMURT. This NGO appears to do lots of good work in the world in the area of “community development work and disaster relief.” Whilst providing clean water and schools is all admirable stuff, the NGO appears to focus quite a lot on funding homeopathy clinics around Africa.

AMURT describe themselves as an “an international relief and development organisation, founded in India in 1965”. What it does not make clear in its description is that the Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team is actually a wing of the world-wide Ananda Marga sect. This Indian-based sect, the “Path of Bliss”, describes itself as a “social and spiritual movement that aims to transform society through meditation and yoga”.

The founder of Abha Light is an Anada Marga nun known as Didi Ananda Ruchira, or by her original American name, Barbara Lynn. Ruchira wears the orange robes of a yogic nun and studied homeopathy in the UK at the British Institute of Homeopathy. She was sent to Kenya under the instruction of Ananda Marga, which she calls an “an international socio-spiritual organization.”

Others, however, have different ways of describing Ananda Marga.

The Chicago Tribune ran an article on Ananda Marga that reported that the cult was under investigation by the CIA and FBA as a terrorist organisation that “has left a trail of blood around the world”. The Los Angeles Times reported that there were allegations of “murder of former members, wife beating, child molesting, and the sale of illegal drugs”.

The founder of the cult, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, or ‘Baba’, was convicted and jailed for the murder of seven members of the cult who wanted to leave. During Sarkar’s time in jail, cult members engaged in terrorist activities around the world in support of their founder.

One of the most deadly acts of terrorism on Australian soil was thought to have been conducted by Ananda Marga cult members when the Sydney Hilton Hotel was bombed in 1978. The Commonwealth Heads of Government were meeting there, including the Indian Prime Minister Moraji Desai. It is also thought the cult were behind the attack of the Indian attaché in Canberra and the stabbing of an Air India employee in Melbourne. Released cabinet papers showed that the government thought that Ananda Marga might be behind a long term revolutionary campaign.

Indeed, Sarkar boasted that the cult would “rule the world by 2005”. His views may be shown to differ from Ghandi’s somewhat when he said,

Like materialism, spirituality based on non-violence will be of no value to humanity. The words of non-violence may sound noble, and quite appealing, but on the solid ground of reality have no value whatsoever.

Helen Crovetto, in an article entitled “Ananda Marga and the Use of Force” in the The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions claims that the cult has a “well founded doctrinal basis for the use of force”. Terrorist activities appear to have taken place in London where three cult members were convicted for conspiring to murder the Indian High Commissioner and stabbing a member of the Indian Commission.

Sarkar died in 1990 and his dream of taking over the world with him. The University of Maryland National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism now classes the group as ‘inactive’ and says “Although Ananda Marga has ceased to carry out terrorist attacks, it continues to flourish as a religious movement, and has become one of the most well-known Hindu-based new religious movements in the West”.

Amanda Marga may no longer be deliberately killing people by stabbing them and blowing them up, but by funding homeopathy clinics to treat Africans with malaria and HIV and telling them that they should not take their medications, the death toll attributable to this cult will continue to rise. They might not be identifiable deaths, or the deaths of ambassadors and Prime Minister’s, but the deaths of nameless and desperately poor Africans living in the most helpless places in the continent.

The support of people in the UK and America for this death cult is unforgivable. If they stuck to building wells and schools they would be lauded, but their strange, irrational beliefs represent a form of violence that will kill people as surely as a gun, knife or bomb.

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  1. The so-called ‘Hilton Bombing’ in Sydney is a poor example; just saying “… was thought to have been conducted by Ananda Marga cult members” is no more than inuendo. Numerous inquiries – including a related Royal Commission – have shown that the police investigation was barely incompetent and seemed designed to ‘get’ evidence of their involvement from the start. Indeed, many people here in Australia have openly suggested that the security forces may have been involved in the bombing. Whatever the truth of that, using this to imply that Ananda Marga has terrorist leanings is unsustainable. They may have, but the Hilton Bombing offers no support for that argment.

  2. I think you overstep regarding the Sydney Hilton bombing. While it’s true that a connection with Ananda Marga was suspected by some, the Marga members who were convicted were later acquitted when evidence against them was found to be unreliable. So there isn’t good evidence of Ananda Marga involvement in that attack.

    • Thanks both Albert and RobH. It would appear that the unprompted confession of a Amanda Marga member to the bombing did not hold up in court. Tim Anderson, was found guilty of the bombing but later acquitted on appeal And as such, the bombings are still “unsolved”. So, yes, whilst many believe that the bombing fitted in with their pattern of activity at the time, it is not know without doubt of their culpability here.

    • Ha .. i had a mate who shared a cell with Tim Anderson, convicted of the Hilton Hotel bombing, later acquitted because he was fitted up. My friend says Anderson taught him yoga and how to become non violent in a prison. My friend was a bikie before he went and when he came out became a productive member of society and eventually a volunteer bush fire fighter and captain of his (and my brigade). He said Anderson was one of the least violent people he ever met and put that down to Ananda Marga.

  3. Lies, are lies, are lies and the teller of lies are liars. Look in the mirror to see the face of a liar!

    You people will go to any length to criticize homeopathy. Your tactics are well known in the FBI and CIA when they want to create disruption. Facts and truth have nothing to do with your organization. You need to be dragged into court and sued to within a hairs breath of your life for the unlimited nastiness.

    • Hello Toby – or should I say Tanya? (speaking of liars)

      Are you claiming Ananda Marga has not been involved in violent acts and that all the sources I link to are CIA inventions? Do you have evidence?

      Would you like to comment on the main argument that Kenyans are being put at risk by unproven and superstitious remedies whilst being funded by dubious Cults?

  4. “Are you claiming Ananda Marga has not been involved in violent acts and that all the sources I link to are CIA inventions? Do you have evidence?”

    What you quoted are not CIA inventions but are accusations from more than 30 years ago. None of those accusations and allegations had any basis of truth to them. Mr. Sarkar was wrongly convicted and later released due to lack of evidence. Same with the Hilton bombing fiasco. My evidence is that Ananda Marga was and is functioning legally in more than 100 countries worldwide serving the poor and needy with support and recommendations from Red Cross, various UN bodies and other reputable NGOs. Just visit any of our websites and see for yourself. Where is your evidence?

    • Hello Harris, or should I say Dada Viita. Would you happen to be a member of the Malaysian wing of Ananda Marga?

  5. Methinks Le Canard Noir is a either a paid provocateur or a foolish tool. What links are you even referring too? Even if there were such links, is the CIA credible? Also you need to distinguish between what a member of an organisation does Ultra Vires and what an organisation establishes as a policy. Sarkar was jailed to discredit Ananda Marga and its focus on ethics, and thankfully he was fully acquitted. The prison guards even loved and respected him. Your attempt to discredit this man is evidence of your agenda. Good luck with the trolling. Namaskar!

    • This is why I blog. For comments such as this from brave anonymous. After accusing me of being a paid shill, Anonymous then wants us to believe they are impartial and have intimate knowledge of what prison guards thought of this crook.

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