The Advertising Regulator Struggles with Homeopaths

5th October, 2011 10

Last year, the homeopathic lobby group H:MC21, spent a significant sum of money by placing a full page advert in New Statesman magazine. The advert appeared to be calling for more NHS funding for homeopath whilst giving misleading information and denigrating critics of this quackery. In the Telegraph, Christine Odone wrote about her old magazine sinking to plugging nonsense, The pages once graced by George Orwell and George Bernard Shaw [read more…]

McTimoney Chiropractic College in Deep Trouble

3rd October, 2011 48

Today, the University of Wales announced that it is to cease accrediting degrees at all but two colleges. The University has made a business in education by accrediting degrees from private colleges both here in the UK and across the world. But in doing so, it has been criticised for letting standards drop and allowing bogus institutions to award degrees in their name. The BBC have been on the case [read more…]