The Burzynski Clinic Threatens 17 Year Old Blogger

28th November, 2011 36

I have been hinting that Burzynski has been threatening other prominent UK bloggers. Well, that blogger has now gone public. Rhys Morgan Rhys Morgan is a 17 year old schoolboy from Wales. He has a keen interest in quack remedies, having been exposed to many through his own health problems with Crohn’s Disease. He hit the headlines on the BBC last year for exposing the bizarre world of a quack [read more…]

The Burzynski Clinic Threatens My Family.

24th November, 2011 184

Tonight, the entertainer Peter Kay will be performing the first of two special sell-out gigs in Blackpool to raise funds for a very poorly four-year old girl with brain cancer. The story of how this fundraising event came about was told in last weekend’s Observer. However, the £200,000 being raised looked like it was earmarked to send little Billie to a clinic in Texas to enrol in a trial that [read more…]

The False Hope of the Burzynski Clinic

21st November, 2011 184

Yesterday’s Observer contained a full page, heart breaking story of a 4-year old girl, Billie Bainbridge, who has a inoperable and rare form of brain cancer, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. The only option for this aggressive cancer on the NHS is radiotherapy which may reduce symptoms for a few months. Two year survival is less than 10%. It is difficult to think of anything more devastating for a young family. [read more…]

Liverpool Homeopathic Hospital has Gone

18th November, 2011 22

It would appear that, quietly and without fuss, the NHS Homeopathic Hospital in Liverpool has closed. It is difficult to know precisely what has happened. But there now appears to be no trace of its existence. Previously, only a few years ago, the British Homeopathic Association were boasting of five NHS hospitals dedicated to homeopathy. It now only lists three. We know that Tunbridge Wells closed after West Kent PCT [read more…]

Glasgow NHS Homeopathy Pharmacy Axed

15th November, 2011 50

The ratchet on NHS homeopathy continues to turn. It would appear that the homeopathic pharmacy at the Glasgow Homeopathy Hospital has been closed. A note to local GPs is reminding them that they have no obligation to fill the hole left by this closure by prescribing homeopathy if patients ask for it. The Glasgow Local Medical Committee notes that there has been a sudden surge in requests from patients to [read more…]

Evidence to Joint Committee on the Draft Defamation Bill

15th November, 2011 2

Parliament is currently looking at creating a new defamation bill.You can now see their report on the issues and much of the evidence submitted to them here.I submitted the paper below to document how a blogger covering controversial subjects concerning public health, policy and the impact of pseudoscience is affected by the current chilling effect of English libel laws. There are many aspects of this new bill that look likely [read more…]