The Society of Homeopaths Intend to Ignore the Law.

28th June, 2012 43

As we saw a few days ago, the medicines regulator have written a robust response to the current panic campaign by homeopaths to try to create new legislation that would let them practice legally. It is slowly dawning on homeopaths that their business model is illegal. And with current plans to simplify medicines legislation, that illegality has been exposed. The Society of Homeopaths look like they have been lobbying ministers. [read more…]

The End of Homeopathy

26th June, 2012 205

Homeopaths have been in a panic over the MHRA’s activities in cleaning up existing medicines’ law. MPs have been bombarded with desperate,but misleading claims,that the law isbeing changed and that they will be put out of business. The law is not being changed. But they may well indeed be out of business soon. The MHRA has issued its own response to this campaign. They say, UK medicines legislation (including for homeopathy) [read more…]

(False) Hope 4 Cancer

23rd June, 2012 258

Richard Branson has apparently intervened to fly a desperately poorly girl from Mexico who was undergoing last ditch cancer treatment to save her life. The treatment did not work and seven-year-old Olivia Downie found herself in a different hospital in a ‘critical condition’ and too ill to fly home. Appeals appeared in the Daily Mail and the Sun saying the parents were trying to raise £140,000 to charter a special [read more…]

Homeopathy and Sports Injuries.

14th June, 2012 39

  The Society of Homeopaths have been proudly kicking off their Homeopathy Awareness Week. This year, their focus is on how homeopathy can help with sports injuries. Their press release ties into the Summer of sports we are going to have, obviously crowned with the Olympics in London. They say, As the country goes sporting mad this summer, homeopathy will be called on as a holistic way to sprint back [read more…]

Can You Dish Out Sugar Pills for £50,000?

10th June, 2012 26

The University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is looking for a grade 8b pharmacist to dish out sugar pills at the The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (formerly known as the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital before it all got a bit too embarrassing.) At a time when the NHS is under increasing financial and organisational pressure, the RLHIM thinks it is acceptable to pay someone to dispense homeopathic [read more…]