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  1. wow. too bad we can never find a concensus on these important topics. as a health care provider, i can tell you that money does drive medicine. i’m not decided on dr. jimenez, but conventional medicine is not very successful, hence the interest in alternatives, in spite of the massive conventional cancer treatment marketing and public relations- a veritable medical industrial complex.

    i also know firsthand that the best treatment i have used in non-surgical spinal care- 28 years, including 18 years in orthopedics, physical medicine and physical therapy, and 4 years part-time in neurosurgery is spinal decompression. Yet the so-called scientific medical sites claim this treatment is quackery. And mind you, i have used it first-hand, as well as all the conventional medical treatments. And the so-called experts, e.g. quackwatch have no direct clinical experience with this treatment.

    so i am extremely cynical about conventional medicine and the experts who act like they know everything.

    in my experience the world’s experts on various matters, do not express dogmatic statements. Rather they are respectful about what they don’t know. to learn more about me visit

    best, Craig Castanet, d.c.

  2. I dislike the whole tone of these self-appointed quack ‘investigators’ . Start with cries of ‘QUACK’ .. then find evidence of failure…then say ‘Look I told you so they are quacks and charlatans’. No cancer is always curable. No metastasised cancer is ever curable by chemotherapy and radiation. None.Chemotherapy extends life by an average of 4 months. Those you dismiss as quacks can extend life far beyond this… look for the evidence with an unbiased mind. Easy for you to write so patronisingly about ‘ false hope’. I assume you do not have a child with stage 4 cancer!

    • Madeleine. Your evidence for your assertions would be most welcome. Indeed, vital if you are not to mislead people and put them at risk of dangerous quacks.

  3. I spent three weeks at Hope 4 Cancer, do they cure everyone 100% NO, Impossible, but I saw miracles there, especially one man who was turned away from conventional medicine at 5 American Cancer Hospitals, who couldn’t walk, eat or swallow when he arrived. 6 weeks later he looked like the king of health. Stayed there 10 weeks. Saved his life. He did not have chemo or radiation before going there. Those patients have a better chance at recovery than those that have conventional treatment first. As the article states, it was a last ditch effort. Those that com win that bad are treated for a few days to see how they respond, if they do not respond to treatment they are transferred to a hospital. Hope 4 Cancer does not give false hope, they are realistic and honest. I am thrilled with my treatment there.

  4. So glad to hear your response Tammy. I was wondering when I saw this blog why anyone would set up a blog to discredit alternative health and education institutions? Have you personally visited these centres lecanardnoir, or had a child at a steiner waldorf school? Have you done any of the research to look at the positive impact these institutions have had on anyone or are you just in business to discredit these people with your own scant evidence? Maybe you should try to find something to be positive about and stop inciting negativity and suspicion.

  5. The only “Quack” I see on here is the person who wrote this pathetic column!
    Anyone with half a brain knows that this stupid website is just that stupid and so uninformed it’s ridiculous!

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