Call to Action: Tesco and WDDTY

20th September, 2013 143

Tesco may be changing its stance on this highly controversial magazine. Time to act and remind them how dangerous and unacceptable this publication is. For a year now, there has been much concern that mainstream retail outlets have been stocking and selling a magazine called What Doctors Don’t Tell You. Now, there are many magazines on the shelves that frequently promote superstitious and pseudoscientific forms of health belief, such as homeopathy, vitamins [read more…]

Kevin Wright and the Cancer Charities that Harm Children.

6th September, 2013 197

A month ago, I saw two young men in Bristol Temple Meads Station collecting money for the charity Kids Integrated Cancer Treatment. They were holding two large plastic apples for passing passengers to put money in and telling people they were like CLIC – a popular childrens’ cancer charity – except “Integrated”. What made this everyday scene unusual is that one of the trustees of the charity, Jacqueline Wright was [read more…]