Doctor’s Data and Bogus Tests

7th July, 2010 35

This week in The Lawyer, Robert Dougans and David Allen Green wrote about the emerging phenomenon of ‘wiki litigation’ where there is large scale scrutiny and participation in legal proceedings using the web as a shared medium. They used the example of the British Chiropractic Association’s libel case against science writer Simon Singh. This was not just the web watching the case – but actively participating by the scrutiny of [read more…]

The Breakspear Hospital and Antigen Vaccines

13th August, 2007 62

Let’s jump off the deep end again with the Breakspear Hospital. Previously, we saw Dr Jean Monro using unproven allergy tests with highly questionable electromagnetic ‘therapies’ to treat food allergies. Recap: the Breakspear have started to suggest they can treat Electrosensitives. They have been accused of using highly unorthodox treatments for a whole range of illnesses. Next up, a way of ‘treating’ allergies with their neutralising vaccines. I’ll use their [read more…]

The Breakspear Hospital and Electromagnetic Therapy

6th August, 2007 20

The development of new forms of quackery continues with the publication of the latest research from the University of Essex showing yet again that mobile mast radiation was unlikely to be the cause of electrosensitivity. The excuses from the lobbies that support sufferers is piling in with a trend towards excommunication of those that failed the tests as being ‘psycho cases’ and so probably not worthy of support of the [read more…]