As Swallowed by the Media

13th September, 2007 5

You may have noticed on several news sites yesterday that Tangerine peel ‘kills cancer’ as reported by the BBC, the Sun, Sky News and others. Apparently, theBritish Pharmaceutical Conference (BPC) in Manchester has been shown results by a Dr Hoon Tan of the Leicester School of Pharmacy (de Montfort University) that eating fruit peel might kill cancer cells in your body. The Quackometer was jumpy. We have seen how Leicester [read more…]

We the undersigned…

15th February, 2007 20

In the past I have been critical of the exaggerated claims made by the promoters of salvestrols as the new super-food-supplement. There is no evidence to suggest that these plant-derived chemicals have any positive effect on reducing cancer risk when taken in supplement form or for forming any part of a medical regime for cancer sufferers. Trials are apparently underway, but the best evidence to-date has been in-vitro studies of [read more…]

Who the hell has got it in for Dax Moy?

5th January, 2007 9

Happy new year to you all. I’ve been off for my Christmas break and I am now attending to my post bag and I thought I would share a few gems with the world. First, I am always up for a challenge and so when writer Geoff Freed starts off his email “You pure miserable person”, I know I am in for a treat! When Geoff adds “I bet you [read more…]

Trademarked Science Trade-Offs

10th July, 2006 43

I have written before about my assertion that if you find someone saying that you cannot get all the nutrients you need through food, then you have also found someone selling food supplements. This is the basic scam behind so many nutritionists – they make the process of eating a healthy diet look so formidable and fraught that you had better hedge your bets and scoff a lot of pills [read more…]