The Fear of Fukushima Radiation

July 24, 2012 24

The website What Doctors Don’t Tell You operates on the premise that there is a body of health knowledge that you are not going to find out from your doctor because they are ‘locked into conventional paradigms’, ignorant, in league with Big Pharma, or unlikely to make money from this knowledge. The mundane truth is that Doctors do not tell you the things on this website because they are wrong, [read more…]

German Homeopathy Companies Pay Journalist who Smears UK Academic

July 16, 2012 132

A consortium of pharmaceutical companies in Germany have been paying a journalist €43,000 to run a set of web sites that denigrates an academic who has published research into  their products. These companies, who make homeopathic sugar pills, were exposed in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung in an article, Schmutzige Methoden der sanften Medizin (The Dirty Tricks of Alternative Medicine.) This story has not appeared in the UK media. And it [read more…]

The Bank that likes to say ‘Quack’: Triodos

July 2, 2012 68

With the news of banking scandals over the past few days, there are many people reconsidering where they bank. Is it possible to bank with an organisation that has solid ethical credentials and will not use its money to reward reckless investment bankers’ bonuses or finance questionable businesses? A web site came on to my twitter timeline today called Move Your Money that aims to help people chose their banking [read more…]

The Society of Homeopaths Intend to Ignore the Law.

June 28, 2012 43

As we saw a few days ago, the medicines regulator have written a robust response to the current panic campaign by homeopaths to try to create new legislation that would let them practice legally. It is slowly dawning on homeopaths that their business model is illegal. And with current plans to simplify medicines legislation, that illegality has been exposed. The Society of Homeopaths look like they have been lobbying ministers. [read more…]

The End of Homeopathy

June 26, 2012 205

Homeopaths have been in a panic over the MHRA’s activities in cleaning up existing medicines’ law. MPs have been bombarded with desperate,but misleading claims,that the law isbeing changed and that they will be put out of business. The law is not being changed. But they may well indeed be out of business soon. The MHRA has issued its own response to this campaign. They say, UK medicines legislation (including for homeopathy) [read more…]

Can You Dish Out Sugar Pills for £50,000?

June 10, 2012 26

The University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is looking for a grade 8b pharmacist to dish out sugar pills at the The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (formerly known as the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital before it all got a bit too embarrassing.) At a time when the NHS is under increasing financial and organisational pressure, the RLHIM thinks it is acceptable to pay someone to dispense homeopathic [read more…]

Are Private Cancer Hospitals Breaking the Law?

May 24, 2012 46

The Cancer Act 1939 tends to appear fairly frequently on this blog. The reason is that this piece of legislation looms so large is because it is one of the few acts that actually places a specific restriction on what quacks can and cannot do through a criminal sanction. Under English law, there is a common law right to treat people as long as there is informed consent. Thus, the [read more…]

The Swizz Report on Homeopathy

May 21, 2012 487

Homeopaths are buzzing with news that a report has been supposedly published by the Swiss Government that shows that there is a large amount of evidence for homeopath and that it should be included in the universal, compulsory Swiss insurance plans as a cost effective treatment. This is in stark contrast by a report by the UK’s House of Commons that came to the exact opposite conclusion – that homeopathy [read more…]

Homeopaths in Panic over New Medicines Rules

May 18, 2012 100

The medicines regulator, the MHRA, has been conducting a project to review UK medicines legislation. It hopes to consolidate the hundreds of separate pieces of legislation that currently exist, to make it easier to understand and enforce. This will be delegated legislation, and as such, will be made by the regulator as an executive authority. The MHRA have been consulting for many months and hope for the new regime to [read more…]

BBC Snooker Promoting Cancer Quackery

April 24, 2012 105

Snooker player, Peter Ebdon, has been appearing on the BBC Snooker Championships with a promotional logo for ‘Gerson Therapy; emblazoned on his waistcoat. Gerson Therapy is a form a alternative cancer treatment offered by many quacks and supported by a US company, the Gerson Institute. People with cancer are persuaded that the diet should be used as an alternative to mainstream treatment. It mainly consists of eating huge quantities of [read more…]

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