Electrosensitivity: Caused by Wi-Fi and Mobiles?

27th April, 2007 54

The Daily Mail brings us the story of Sarah Dacre who suffers terribly from a range of symptoms including “hair loss, sickness, high blood-pressure, digestive and memory problems, severe headaches and dizziness. ” Sarah believes the symptoms are caused by the effects of the ‘electrosmog’ in our environment, the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) given out by mobile phones and Wi-Fi networks. She is so troubled by these devices that she resorts [read more…]

Pulling My Hair Out

26th April, 2007 35

or, The Role of Mineral Hair Analysis in the Sale of Food Supplements initially posted on Holford Watch. Patrick Holford has set up a charity. Not poorly, fluffy kittens or unwanted donkeys, but a charity dedicated to helping kids do better at schools with better ‘nutrition’. The charity is called Food for the Brain. Being against such a venture would appear to be like being against sunshine or trying to [read more…]

Teachers’ Union Demand Meteorite Shields For Schools

23rd April, 2007 6

Quackery thrives on fear. Cancer, infection and injury are rightly things to be concerned about. Despite the near doubling of our expected life span in the last hundred years or so, scientific medicine will eventually let us all down and we shall eventually succumb to the final inconvenience of death. In the meantime, the fear of suffering creates opportunities for quacks to exploit. The entrepreneurial quack will fan the flames [read more…]

Google ‘Sees no Evil’

17th April, 2007 4

Once upon a time, back in the olden days, that is, before 1996 or thereabouts, your typical quack was faced with a big problem. Just as with producing software, the manufacturing stage of the quack business is straightforward. The software firm used to ‘record’ software onto ‘floppy disks’ and the quack could press ‘nutrient pills’ in huge numbers, or fill bottles or make pills with ‘homeopathic water’ straight from the [read more…]

Watch Holford Watch

17th April, 2007 0

Just to let you know that I am proud to be able to contibute a little to a new blog, “Holford Watch”, a site about ‘top media nutritionist’ Patrick Holford. This site aims to provide a counterpoint to much of what “Britain’s best-selling author and leading spokesman on nutrition and mental health issues” has to say as there are very many people who would consider that much of what he [read more…]

Homoeopathic Clothing Range

2nd April, 2007 4

Le Canard Noir is in development with a new range of complementary and alternative clothing. A sneak peak is now available for a new ‘homoeopathic cleaning only’ range of t-shirts. Clean your clothes in a more gentle and more holistic manner allowing your clothes to take advantage of their own inbuilt cleaning capability and treat emotional stains as well as physical dirt. The care label looks like this…