The Breakspear Hospital and Electromagnetic Therapy

6th August, 2007 20

The development of new forms of quackery continues with the publication of the latest research from the University of Essex showing yet again that mobile mast radiation was unlikely to be the cause of electrosensitivity. The excuses from the lobbies that support sufferers is piling in with a trend towards excommunication of those that failed the tests as being ‘psycho cases’ and so probably not worthy of support of the [read more…]

The Observer – How long will it take to get a correction and apology?

5th August, 2007 1

I have now added a counter to the front page of the Quackometer to show how many weeks it has been since the Observer has failed to print a proper correction of its glaring errors about MMR and autism and to offer an apology for misleading its readers. Others have fully documented and made available to all the problems with the article about MMR by Denis Campbell. The Observer web [read more…]

The Observer – Confused by Health Advice

5th August, 2007 4

Denis Campbell, the sports journalist, who raked up MMR fears in the Observer and got it all horribly wrong, is now back on the health theme debunking various health fears that crop up in the papers. I spat out my coffee when I saw this in the Observer. My contempt for the paper is growing. Denis says, It kills you; no, it does you good. Hang on, here’s another report [read more…]

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