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  1. Do I misunderstand, or does the Society of Homeopaths lady start by saying she’s shocked and concerned and that there’s no evidence of homeopathic effectiveness in malaria prevention … then end the segment saying that the very first homeopathic remedy was anti-malarial and that homeopathy’s been used for 200 years to prevent malaria?

  2. Yes rob, good ol’ Mel does say that. I know it is contradictory. You have to understand that it is not part of the homeopathic ‘tradition’ to take into account clinical evidence. So they can quite happily admit that there is no evidence for a treatments effectiveness and it does not mean a thing to them. Only their ‘provings’, their authorities and their anecdotes count.

  3. That is very interesting. A good article.

    I do get a feeling though that, while fraud in homeopathy is covered well on this site, there is quite an obvious absence of any coverage of the SAME kind of fraud going on in orthodox medicine.

    So, for the sake of balance – after all, a doctor running a website can inadvertently give an impression that orthodox medicine is above the fraud being exposed in connection with homeopathy – I hope you don’t mind if I post the video “Prescription for Disaster”.

    This video features a member of the FDA, the drug regulatory body similar to that of the MHRA in the United Kingdom, discussing how drug regulators fail to safeguard the public from serious side effects of ‘evidence’ based medicines.

    Although the video was POSTED on youtube by Gary Null who I gather is not popular on this website, logically and scientifially this factor should not be allowed to persuade intelligent thinkers that the evidence of a ‘Null unrelated’ senior official of the FDA regulatory body can be discredited on that tenuous ‘association’.

    I found the video both fascinating, a big indicator into why the MHRA in the UK fail to act on dangerous drugs, and somewhat disturbing.

    Presciption for Disaster

    “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.” (Adolf Hitler)

  4. Le Canard Noir

    You’re a doctor. I would give anyone a chance at doing the right thing because many people are deceived by what learn.

    I’m not asking that you give up fighting fraud in homeopathy.

    I AM asking that you start fighting for scientific integrity across the board, homeothic and orthadox.

    How about it?

  5. Oh another typo:


    ‘I AM asking that you start fighting for scientific integrity across the board, homeopathic AND orthadox.’

    I MUST remember to press the PREVIEW button 🙂

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