I Have Been Putting on my Shoes

22nd November, 2010 46

The Internet does not forget. This is, arguably, the single most important techno-sociological change that we, as individuals, corporations, celebrities and politicians, have had to learn over the past decade. And it is a lesson that appears not to have sunk in at all. Everything we do on the web, whether that be browsing, blogging, twittering or updating Facebook statuses, leaves a trail. And once that trail is set, there [read more…]

On the The Reckless Physicking of Amateur Females.

16th November, 2010 35

It would appear to be important for homeopaths to show how the rich, blue blooded and famous are supporters of homeopathy. One might suggest that in lieu of meaningful scientific evidence for homeopathy, appeals to the beliefs of the influential and celebrities are all that are left. Dana Ullman, America’s chief propagandist for homeopathy, takes this approach to its zenith with his book, The Homeopathic Revolution: Famous People and Cultural [read more…]

Can “Neuro-Electric Therapy” Treat Drug Addiction?

16th November, 2010 23

I have been sent an email where a recruitment consultant was looking for someone to train as a ‘drug worker’ using a technique called Neuro-Electric Therapy (NET) to work on a Scottish substance misuse programme. The idea appears to be that by passing small electrical currents though someone in a specific pattern you could help people overcome drug addictions. It is quite a remarkable claim. Drug addiction is a complex [read more…]

The University of Wales Degree Validation Scam

12th November, 2010 12

This is essential viewing. Available for a few days more on BBC iPlayer, this Week In Week Out investigation shows how the University of Wales validates a huge range of colleges, both in the UK and abroad, to provides its degrees. These colleges r… [read more…]

Why Libel Laws Must Change

10th November, 2010 16

Let me tell you a few stories about how I have nearly stopped blogging. Some of these stories you may know; others I have not talked about before. The events behind these stories have all hinged on England’s illiberal and antiquated approach to defamation laws. Those laws must change and here is why. Writing a blog, surprisingly, is not without its serious risks. Hobbies like skiing, diving or playing rubgy [read more…]

Chiropractors at War with their Regulator, the GCC

1st November, 2010 550

From Richard Lanigan’s blog, we learn that the head of the four chiropractic associations have written to the GCC to state that their members have no confidence in their regulatory abilities. Richard Brown, President of the British Chiropractic Association has written the letter, co-signed by Ross McDonald, Kevin Proudman and Bernadette Martin, the Presidents of the Scottish Chiropractors, the United Chiropractic Association and the McTimoney Chiropractors respectively. The letter notes [read more…]