Why Libel Laws Must Change

10th November, 2010 16

Let me tell you a few stories about how I have nearly stopped blogging. Some of these stories you may know; others I have not talked about before. The events behind these stories have all hinged on England’s illiberal and antiquated approach to defamation laws. Those laws must change and here is why. Writing a blog, surprisingly, is not without its serious risks. Hobbies like skiing, diving or playing rubgy [read more…]

Chiropractors at War with their Regulator, the GCC

1st November, 2010 550

From Richard Lanigan’s blog, we learn that the head of the four chiropractic associations have written to the GCC to state that their members have no confidence in their regulatory abilities. Richard Brown, President of the British Chiropractic Association has written the letter, co-signed by Ross McDonald, Kevin Proudman and Bernadette Martin, the Presidents of the Scottish Chiropractors, the United Chiropractic Association and the McTimoney Chiropractors respectively. The letter notes [read more…]

The Curious Case of Oxford University Press, Homeopathy and Charles Darwin

15th October, 2010 111

Science is a human activity. And as such, it is subject to the full range of fallibilities of thought and action that people are capable of. Within science you will find sloppy and wishful thinking, error and even fraud. But science, rather uniquely, has methods designed explicitly to minimise human biases, reduce error and correct mistakes when they are found. It is this inherent error correction that makes science a [read more…]

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