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I thought I would share with you this little conversation I saw on a homeopathic discussion site. Just to remind you (if it were needed) how completely detached homeopaths are, how separated they are from any sense of ethics, and just how bloody dangerous their advice is.


On 2011-05-30, at 2:23 PM, Dale Moss wrote:


I have a couple of new patients who’ve survived several decades with HIV.  Both sought alternative treatment early on and did well for many, many years.  Unfortunately, both are now on HIV drugs and experiencing their toxic side effects.  

One is on Intelence and Truvada; he also takes Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism.  

My question is:  if he responds well to homeopathic treatment, is it possible to reduce the antiretrovirals he’s taking?  Has anyone had experience doing this with HIV/AIDS patients?  






Hi Dale!

Have you not tried the Peter Chappel Protocol / Remedies?  Just wondering if they worked at all.

I’ve heard that African HIV is a different strain than American. Don’t know if that’s true or not….

Just curious….


Thanks for your feedback


I just read Jeremy Sherr’s article in last month’s Interhomeopathy e magazine.  Jeremy has some interesting things to say about working with HIV positive kids and adults in his African clinic,

You might find some clues there.  http://www.interhomeopathy.org/letter-from-africa



just a reminder that it has never been proved that HIV causes anything including AIDS

to keep equating them is to continue to further the lie

Yes there are AIDS and aids-like symptoms but get the HIV out of sentence as it is part of their lie and their drugs.


treat the symptom picture as usual but as long as they are on these toxic drugs which make them ill, you probably will not get anywhere




I have not tried Peter Chappell’s remedies.  My understanding is that Helios was supposed to be making them, but they’re not listed on the Helios website — and the link for ordering through Chappell’s website doesn’t appear to be working. 

Has Chappell pulled back to avoid the pharma hounds, or is there some secret portal I don’t know for obtaining PC remedies?





Yes, I’ve read the piece.  It’s fascinating, particularly what he says about CD4 counts going down after a good remedy, but the quality of the remaining cells being higher.  I’ve seen the neurological aspect in one patient (repeated cases of shingles), but not the fungal.  Yet.

The situation in Africa, however, is different from here.  Far fewer patients there are on antiretroviral drugs, and the general response of Africans to well-chosen remedies is amazingly quick, compared to the slower response we often see in highly suppressed* Western patients.




* Note: ‘suppressed’  is a homeopathic term for someone who has taken lots of real medication and thus has ‘suppressed’ their symptoms. A bad thing in their world.


peter chappell also wrote of the easier time treating people in Ethiopia due to less body toxicity.

it was one of the reasons he chose to work in Africa as I recall.  for that matter it is similar to the quick

response from children and young animals who have not been toxified with years of contamination.





I wonder whether environmental factors such as our EMF “soup” might be causing any interference, at least in some people?  Just something I’ve been wondering about.  




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