Ed Vaizey does not think there is a problem after reviewing 38 Degrees NHS Legal Review

I wrote to my MP about the findings of a legal review of the NHS reforms.

This is a summary of their findings


You can email your MP too to find out what they think,


This is his reply…

Dear Andy,
Thank you for contacting me about the Health and Social Care Bill. You will be aware that the significant amendments the Government is making to the Health and Social Care Bill have been welcomed by many organisations, including the NHS Confederation, patient groups, and think tanks. 
You asked about three specific points. First, you wanted reassurance that the Secretary of State’s duty to secure provision of NHS services will not be abolished or passed to another body. I can confirm that the Bill, as amended, will not abolish this duty or pass it to another body.
Second, you wanted reassurance that private companies will not end up in charge of determining what services are provided on the NHS. I can confirm that the Bill will not allow this to happen.
Third, you asked for assurance that the NHS Commissioning Board will not put more emphasis on competition and choice at the expense of encouraging different bits of the NHS to work together for patients. I can confirm that this is the case.
Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.
Yours sincerely,
Ed Vaizey MP
Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries

Member of Parliament for Wantage and Didcot

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