MHRA accused of “clothing naked quackery”

23rd September, 2011 16

Last Wednesday, I gave a talk at the newly formed Coventry Skeptics in the Pub on the ‘Persistence of Delusion’ – why some alternative medicines appear to thrive. One of the techniques that ensures a healthy quackery is to obtain official endorsement from statutory and regulatory organisations. Chiropractic and Osteopathy have benefited greatly in the UK by becoming a protected ‘health profession’. Homeopathy is also helped by some regulations that [read more…]

Dana Ullman Begs for Money from Homeopaths

14th September, 2011 9

You know, I write my blog posts for nothing. I quite enjoy the act of writing and exploring the issues involved. Dana Ullman is though a shill for homeopaths. He does not practice homeopathy – he just wants to spread homeopathic propaganda in retu… [read more…]

The British Homeopathic Association Undermine Public Confidence in Medicine

1st September, 2011 63

You know, having asked David Bellamy earlier in the week to use his influence as Patron of the British Homeopathic Association, to urge them to unequivocally condemn those lay homeopaths who travel to Africa to treat HIV, malaria and TB with sugar pills, you might be surprised to learn that I am not expecting any sort of answer. Then again, you might not. I used to think that medical doctors [read more…]