Dana Ullman Begs for Money from Homeopaths

You know, I write my blog posts for nothing. I quite enjoy the act of writing and exploring the issues involved. Dana Ullman is though a shill for homeopaths. He does not practice homeopathy – he just wants to spread homeopathic propaganda in return for cash. There is no other pretty way of saying it.


    My newest article, "The Disinformation Campaign Against Homeopathy," was just published in the Huffingtonpost: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dana-ullman/disinformation-about-homeopathy_b_952967.html?ref=healthy-living-body

    It is about time that someone stood up against the disinformation that is frequently spread (and repeated) on homeopathy!  And this article is just part one…wait until you read PART TWO!  I name names…and provide specific critique of two leaders of the disinformation campaign against homeopathy:  one from the USA and one from the UK.  I know that most people will be able to guess who in the USA I cover…but few people will guess the person from the UK…yeah, I'm going to keep you guessing.

    We can all expect the deniers to be out in force in the comments section of this article.  Therefore, I hope that those of you who appreciate homeopathy can and will join the discussion.


    By the way, on January 1, 2011, I told a group of homeopathic supporters that I could not afford the time and effort to write any new articles on homeopathy UNLESS some people stepped forward to provide financial support for this work.  Shortly after announcing this, several people stepped forward…and I was then able to write that article about the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize and who had just been interview in SCIENCE magazine for his interest in homeopathy! 

    This funding from PEOPLE, not companies, also enabled me to write the articles about homeopathy and ADD/ADHD and on "The King's Homeopath" (the homeopath to King George VI, for whom the movie, "The King's Speech," was made).

    I now need more support from the homeopathic community…without it, I cannot afford the great amount of time it takes for me to write these articles.  The good news is that a non-profit organization was established to support my work.  Americans can send tax deductible donations to the FOUNDATION FOR HOMEOPATHIC EDUCATION AND RESEARCH, 2036 Blake St., Berkeley, CA. 94704 (or you can send PayPal donations to:  fher@…

    People outside of the USA and others who do not need a tax deductible donation can send credit card contributions to Homeopathic Educational Services:  https://www.homeopathic.com/cms-global/shoppingcart/ViewProduct.do?productId=215  (This links allows contributions in $10 increments…you choose how many increments you wish).


    Please consider putting your wallet where your heart is!

9 Comments on Dana Ullman Begs for Money from Homeopaths

  1. Strange he forgets to mention that he sells magic water himself and has a handy income from his publications. His internet activities neatly publicise his money making ventures but I’m sure that’s purely coincidental

  2. I remember him from my homeopathy overdose! We had a few email exchanges, in which he showed he couldn’t read:http://furtherthoughtsfortheday.blogspot.com/2010/11/homeopathy-overdose-update-homeopathic.htmlThen he ignored me. His behaviour, and that of other homeopaths led me to the conclusion that they are either frauds or children:http://furtherthoughtsfortheday.blogspot.com/2011/01/homeopathy-overdoes-frauds-and-children.htmlBadly Shaved Monkey – given his tweet, I’d guess it’s Orac for US, and Ernst for UK: https://twitter.com/#!/HomeopathicDana/status/162284354263986176

  3. He charges $190.00/hour for personal consultation; the "Homeopathic Education Services" is his business websitehttp://www.homeopathic.com/ which is physically located at the Berkeley address above.I wonder when the Foundation was started: I’m getting the tax forms now….

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