The Homeopathic Revolution by Dana Ullman: A Review

15th December, 2007 116

There can be few comment-enabled web pages left in the world that do not testify to the fact that Dana Ullman has published his latest book: The Homeopathic Revolution: Famous People and Cultural Heroes Who Chose Homeopathy. His claim for the book is that, It is a project that may actually change the face (and the heart) of medicine and may make homeopathy a household word. Dramatic stuff. I have [read more…]

Jeanette Winterson in Blistering Attack on Homeopathy

14th November, 2007 46

Yesterday, prize winning author, Jeanette Winterson, delivered a devastating blow to supporters of homeopathy by calling for ‘better regulation’ of the profession and for the Society of Homeopaths to ‘engage with its critics’. In vindication of this web site’s stance, and in recognition of recent futile and aggressive attacks by the Society, the writer slated the current leadership of the profession and said ‘there will always be rogue homeopaths and [read more…]

No Logos

21st October, 2007 5

Bach Flower Essences are a sort of homeopathic flower essence made with brandy. As such, what you buy is just pure (cheap) brandy. Their medicinal quality is limited to what a few drops of brandy can do for you. But have just issued a press release telling us how Naomi Klein, prominent critic of our globalised brand-oriented consumer culture, appears to be a big fan of Bach Flower remedies. [read more…]

Look Into My Lies, Not Around My Lies

26th September, 2007 4

Paul McKenna, hypnotist, has fallen foul of the Advertising Standards Authority by claiming in print that his methods are ” … the most effective weight loss system available. Lose weight and keep it off … “. Today, the ASA upheld a complaint and told him not to repeat this claim as he had failed to produce satisfactory evidence to support his marketing. His claims were unsubstantiated. All this is pretty [read more…]

Hideous Quackery?

9th March, 2007 0

It pains me to write this, but I have a nasty feeling that Kate Winslet might have been to visit a quack. I guess I ought to be careful as she has just won a ‘substantial’ settlement from Grazia magazine after they printed outrageous allegations that she had been to visit a ‘diet doctor’. Now to be fair to Kate, she has been outspoken, and rightly so, over the media’s [read more…]