The Society of Homeopaths: One Year On

20th March, 2008 1

Here are the stated aims of the Society of Homeopaths for 2007 and set out at the start of the year… The Society of Homeopaths’ Aims and Objectives for 2007 By the 1st January 2008, it is envisaged that The Society will have passed on its regulatory function to an independent new regulatory and registration body, to be known as the Council of Registered Homeopaths (CoRH). This will allow The [read more…]

The Empire of Homeopaths Strike Back

25th February, 2008 10

We know it is going to be a fun year for watching Homeopaths. The fight is well and truly on for who gets to pretend to regulate the profession. The beleaguered Society of Homeopaths have today gone on the offensive for total and unyielding control. The year started off with Prince Charles and the Foundation for Integrated Health announcing the arrival on the scene of the government backed Complementary and [read more…]

Is Statutory Self-Regulation the Answer for Homeopathy?

9th January, 2008 5

The ambush by the Prince of Wales on the various factions of Alternative Medicine by announcing the set up of the Natural Healthcare Council, Ofquack, is starting to have effects. In the Guardian yesterday, Polly Toynbee ran an article entitled, Quackery and superstition – available soon on the NHS. She argues that we should, Put not your trust in princes, especially not princes who talk to plants. and despairs how [read more…]

Curing Homeopathy

5th January, 2008 15

How should homeopaths be regulated? I am not sure I have made up my mind yet about what I would like to see and I am not convinced there is a perfect solution. However, I hope some debate has been kicked off by all the goings on last year, here and on various other blogs and forums. One thing I am pretty sure of is that homeopaths have pretty much [read more…]

On the Muppet Show Tonight…

10th December, 2007 14

In his Guardian article, Ben Goldacre wrote about how homeopaths respond to criticism: With alternative therapists, when you point out a problem with the evidence, people don’t engage with you about it, or read and reference your work. They get into a huff. They refuse to answer calls or email queries. They wave their hands and mutter sciencey words such as “quantum” and “nano”. They accuse you of being a [read more…]

Tony Blair and Homeopathy

7th December, 2007 56

One thing always puzzled me about Tony Blair (well in fact, many things) was when he rather suddenly came out in defence of homeopathy. Out of the blue, he told the detractors of this weird superstition to back off: I think that most people today have a rational view about science and my advice to the scientific community would be fight the battles you need to fight. I wouldn’t bother [read more…]

Homeopaths Changing Stories

1st December, 2007 8

This, morning David Colquhoun was on the Radio 4 Today programme (listen again, 20 minutes in) making the charge that today’s Society of Homeopaths Symposium on AIDS was deeply irresponsible. The whole story of what the homeopaths are up to at this symposium is a nonsense. They are claiming that the group will be examining the evidence for the role of homeopathy in treating AIDS. But there is one thing [read more…]

Massively Distracting, Cruelly Deceiving Quackery

30th November, 2007 3

On the eve of the Society of Homeopaths’ symposium in London on homeopathy and AIDS, the SoH issue a press release. It is a statement about how they are warm and cuddly and complementary and working oh so hard to dominate create a single register of homeopaths. They are definitely not promoting quack cures for AIDS. It is well documented now about how so many of their press releases are [read more…]

Jeanette Winterson in Blistering Attack on Homeopathy

14th November, 2007 46

Yesterday, prize winning author, Jeanette Winterson, delivered a devastating blow to supporters of homeopathy by calling for ‘better regulation’ of the profession and for the Society of Homeopaths to ‘engage with its critics’. In vindication of this web site’s stance, and in recognition of recent futile and aggressive attacks by the Society, the writer slated the current leadership of the profession and said ‘there will always be rogue homeopaths and [read more…]

The Magic Watergate Scandal

4th November, 2007 3

I am officially bored by the Society of Homeopaths. But just when I thought it could not get worse, that cheeky monkey Gimpy just had to keep digging. On his blog, Gimpy summarized his investigations into Ralf Jeutter, a Director of the Society of Homeopaths, who is offering homeopathic immunisation on his website against dangerous travellers’ diseases, including cholera, malaria, yellow fever, tetanus and typhoid. He also, rather disgustingly, offers [read more…]

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