In Five Years, the Society of Homeopaths Have Learnt Nothing

5th January, 2011 43

Hat tip to the Quackometer on BBC Newsnight…   Before they reconsider their damning response. here it is… with annotations in red   Society of Homeopaths does not endorse “preventative” treatment in serious tropical diseases The Society of Homeopaths, the UK’s largest register of homeopaths with 1,500 members, does not endorse the use of homeopathic remedies with a view to preventing serious tropical diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. [read more…]

Protecting future ‘Baby Glorias’ from Homeopathic Beliefs

28th September, 2009 18

As I write this, two married Australian homeopaths are spending their first nights in gaol as they begin prison sentences for six and four years respectively for the manslaughter of their baby daughter, Gloria. This is a tragic, not least for the convicted parents. A nine month old baby died unnecessarily in the most horrific way because of her parent’s belief in the superiority and power of homeopathic sugar pills. [read more…]

The Society of Homeopaths are a Shambles and a Bad Joke.

21st August, 2009 77

The last time I said that, the Society tried to sue me and my web hosts for defamation. So let’s say it again. They are a shambles and a bad joke. Worse, their irresponsible behaviour puts lives at risk. Today the World Health Organisation condemned the use of homeopathy for dangerous diseases such as malaria, AIDS and childhood diarrhea. It has taken a very long time for them to do [read more…]

Homeopath Struck Off. Shock!

13th August, 2009 13

Appearing on the Society of Homeopath’s web site is a report that a member has been struck off their register. This is the first instance that I am aware of where the self-regulating body has taken the step of removing someone from their register regarding matters of their practice. (Yes, SoH has removed people before and you can see a report on the same page, but this looks as if [read more…]

Homeopaths: Do You Really Want Statutory Regulation?

29th July, 2009 11

This is an open letter to all homeopaths in the UK. It has been a bit of a surprise to me to learn that the Society of Homeopaths is wanting to lobby the Health Professions Council to include homeopathy within its regulation remit. As such, you will receive protected title (only registered homeopaths will be able to call themselves that) and be held against a code of standards and ethics. [read more…]

Unanswered Questions

21st October, 2007 7

Just in case you were wondering, here is the letter I wrote to the Society of Homeopaths, asking them just why they were so upset about me. This letter was written about in the Guardian newspaper on Saturday October 20th. You can follow the story on BadScience, DCScience, Respectful Insolence, Gimpy’s and Randi, plus many more too numerous to mention. URGENT For the attention of Paula Ross, Chief Executive of [read more…]

Homeopaths Through the Looking-Glass

20th October, 2007 31

Homeopathy is fun. Pretending you can cure minor self-limiting ailments with magic water and sugar pills obviously brings countless hours of pleasure to lots of people and I, for one, would not want to take their ball away. Hey! You can even make some money out of it too, as lots of people like to join in and pay money to play patient and be part of the fantasy. But [read more…]

Homeopathic Thought in the 21st Century

12th October, 2007 16

Some of you around here may have noticed that homeopaths are feeling a little threatened at the moment. Some have responded to the perceived threats with rather impolite and aggressive behaviour. Others are setting up new campaigns. A new web site has appeared in the last few days called Homeopathy: Medicine of the 21st Century. (I won’t link to it, they do not need the Google points, but you can [read more…]

The Future of Homeopathy in the UK

31st August, 2007 24

After several decades of increasing popularity, the homeopathic community is finding itself under growing pressure. There is an increasing level of criticism of the practice coming from many quarters, including Richard Dawkins recent Channel 4 programme, lots of bloggers and academics too. Importantly, homeopathy is not being seen as as benign as its adherents’ propaganda suggests and that there are real dangers in the belief in magic water and sugar [read more…]

Will Homeopathy and iTunes Cure AIDS?

19th August, 2007 15

Peter Chappell (10 Canards) is a founder member of the Society of Homeopaths, he is a Fellow of the Society and has written several influential books on homeopathy. He describes himself as an inventor and a visionary, a charity worker and teacher. He also appears to be dangerously deluded. Chappell makes his name by producing his own homeopathic preparations. His idea is to produce specific remedies to cure named diseases, [read more…]

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