Two Boiled Eggs in Pinstripes and the Four Soldiers of Scepticism


October 5th, 2009 7pm – 8pm

TAM London – The Amaz!ing Panel

Conway Hall, Holborn


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As part of the official fringe to the first ever London TAM, there will be a panel meeting about the Internet and Scepticism. I will be rushing back from a meeting and so I will not have time to don my usual sceptical wig (pictured above). However, I plan to answer all your questions with wit and insight – sans syrup*.

(For Americans who plan to come, we promise not to speak David Hockney** all night).

You will have the chance to engage in intercourse with the following delightful panel – all at once:

George Hrab is a drummer, skeptic and podcaster who also tweets some of the funniest things at machine gun pace.

Rebecca Watson is one of the founders of Skepchick and is a host on The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast. She is unlikely to respond to proposals of marriage from the audience.

Martin Robbins created Lay Science and wears a menacing Matrix style leather coat which makes him look a bit Mariah Carey***

Neil Denny is a producer and presenter on Little Atoms on Resonance 104.4FM. He has interviewed more famous scientists than you could shake a sceptical stick at.

Tim Farley created the invaluable What’s the Harm web site where the dangers of uncritical belief in magic medicine are documented. He is currently lost somewhere in London.


And me.


See you there and maybe for a Dame Edna Everidge**** afterwards.


(Thanks to Crispian Jago for the Simpson’s Skeptic’s Top Trumps)


* syrup of fig – wig

** Cockney

*** scary

**** Beverage

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