Autism: If You Can’t Blame MMR, Let’s Try Wi-Fi

Maybe we are witnessing the death throes of the MMR controversy. The arguments that autism is caused by the triple-jab have been shown to be without merit and only the foaming go on about mercury in vaccines anymore (MMR never had any mercury in it). Andrew Wakefield is scrabbling with his last gasp of PR before his GMC disciplinary meeting. Undoubtley, the die-hard campaigners will see a cover up and conspiracy, but there is evidence now that other autism cuplrits are being sought.

Enter the electrosensivity lobby. I have stated my worry before that the organisations that supposedly support people who claim to be electrosensitive are doing their supporters a disservice by not being open minded to the causes of the problem. Ignoring science, or being selective about it, will open a multi-dimensional portal into an evil world of quackery. We have seen innocent Independent journalists already succumbing to fraudsters and quacks. Next up, is electrosensitivity regular Sarah Dacre.

Sarah has found meaning in her illnesses by blaming electromagnetic radiation. She was told that radio waves are the cause of her suffering by an ‘expert’ in flower esscences. She has been ably supported in that conclusion by Rod Read of Rod goes a bit potty if you suggest that Sarah’s illness has to do with anything other than radio waves. The delusions are re-inforced.

And now Sarah is reporting on Rod Read’s pages that a new ‘Pilot Treatment’ has been found for her illness.

Dr George Carlo and Tamara Mariea are preparing to conduct a one month pilot ES/EHS treatment for 3/4 EHS in late October/November 2007. The Internal Balance clinic is located in Franklin, Tennessee.

The treatment protocol working on the degree of membrane sensitivity syndrome exhibited by each individual, is being written up currently and will be circulated to any interested participants. The costs will include accommodation, travel and clinicians and tests.

Dr George Carlo is well known in this field. He is prominent in supporting organisations that push the idea that mobile phones and Wi-Fi cause ill health. See him with some MPs here.

Dr. George Carlo, Ph.D, M.S., J.D, is a public health scientist, epidemiologist, lawyer, and the founder of the Science and Public Policy Institute.

A scientist and a lawyer! An interesting combination when litigation starts. You may remember him when he got angry at Ben ‘Andrew’ Goldacre’s comments on the electrosensitivity lobby.

Anyway. Tamara Mariea CCN, CERCA (picture above) is new to us. Her web site shows she is working with Dr Carlo on a (as yet unpublished) paper on links between electromagnetic radiation and autism. Her ideas are as follows:

Although Mariea believes that autism is a complicated condition that must have several factors at play for a child to fall to this diagnosis, she does believe that the three largest factors at play are:

  • Genetically determined detoxification capacity,
  • Early insult to immune system via contaminated vaccines and
  • Being born with high levels of toxic burden and into a technologically advanced society riddled with ever increasing levels of radiation.

These are the key areas for research regarding the cause and etiology of autism spectrum disorders. Perhaps the genetic mutations that are being discovered in autism research are created through the DNA damage from radiation emitting devices used by families and in the households of ever member of our global society.

So there you have it. MMR is not enough anymore. You have to have some ‘vaccine damage’ plus DNA damage from mobiles and Wi-Fi, and a poor ability to ‘detoxify’.

Tamara is a nutritionist. That is what her certifcates say, proudly displayed on the web. Athought, the certifying body of her certificates (Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB))has been described as ‘questionable’ and ‘promoters of highly dubious practices’ by QuackWatch.

She also has the letters CERCA after her name. This stands for ‘Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor’. A quick search reveals that in order to gain these prestigious letters after your name you have to answer 45 multiple guess questions set by Dr George Carlo, and get 80% right. I hope George, her collaborator, was not too harsh on her.

So, Sarah Dacre is going over to Tennessee for some detox of toxic heavy metals, nutritional advice no doubt, and other ‘therapeutic interventions to detoxify these trapped toxins from the body’.

The Internal Balance, Inc. studio is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment that opens and detoxifies the body, or pulls the toxins that are negatively affecting people’s health, out of their bodies. Often when children see the studio for the first time they think it looks like a place where astronauts might hang out.

And I thought astronauts hang out in bars like the rest of us. Or at least those without restraining orders.

For Sarah though, she has a problem. Travelling all that way, surrounded by airport Wi-Fi, passenger mobile phones and aircraft electronics could be very debilitating. Luckily, George and Tamara have thought of that one. They say,

The 8 hour journey and airport routine is a challenge but Dr Carlo/ Ms Mariea are to consult NASA for their best recommendations.

The little black duck is speechless. But I too must consult NASA next time I have some tricky travel plans.


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  1. Brilliant. I’d love to leave a witty and incisive comment, but I really must dash – I’m going to see if I can qualify as a ‘Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor’.

  2. Whilst in the real world…the requirements for acting as a Radiation Protection Adviser and Laser Protection Adviser:

    The way plausible sounding acronyms for quack qualifications devalues the real qualifications of eperts really depresses me. Grrrrrr.

  3. I found this web page when I saw a very smelly news release on emediawire.
    It triggered my bullshit meter., so I googled ‘heavy metal autism’. that was fun, so i googled ‘heavy metal autism quackery’ and found this page.
    I decided to have even more fun and googled ‘Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine’ and my fun ended. The lazy bastards fabricated a journal!
    Never take at face value what comes across the mojo wire.
    keep up the helpful work.

  4. quackometer = people who work for mobile phone companies/big pharma.

    I happen to suffer from electrosensitivity (es), why because I have 17 amalgam (mercury) fillings.

    My wife does not suffer from ES, why because she has no fillings!

    If you don’t suffer from something why bother setting up a website to discredit it?? quackometer

  5. I happen to suffer from electrosensitivity (es), why because I have 17 amalgam (mercury) fillings.

    My wife does not suffer from ES, why because she has no fillings!

    How long did it take you to some to this impressive finding? How do you take into account my fillings and lack of electrosensitivity?

  6. weety, the world is clearly out to get you. Real scientists don’t believe in electrosensitivity, so they must be part of the conspiracy!

    I would say the key difference between you and your wife is that one of you is a hypochondriac.

  7. Being a parent of an autistic child you automatically become according to society a conspiracist theorist if you do biomedical interventions. I have been doing biomedical interventions now for roughly 4 months and my daughter has changed significantly in this time. EMFs conduct metals. Autistic kids are full of metals. They also cross the brain barrier. EMFs do in fact have many negative consequences. Name one other thing that has increased 30 million times in the last 20 years. Autism rates are now 1 in 88 but in reality if you consider the fact that these rates are done on 8 years olds and the data is 4-5 years old already when it is published you will acutally find the rates are one in 29 right now. I had an autistic daughter when nobody in my family does, I breastfed for over a year, and I feed her mostly organic foods and I didn’t get most vaccines including the MMR. I defianlty believe EMFs are affecting our gut flora and trapping heavy metals. Call me crazy but I think your lack of knowledge on autism does not qualify you to talk about it. The first thing I ever learned in genetics class in college is that genetics cannot cause epidemics. Therefore it is something in our enviornment. Nothing else has increased 30 million times in the past 20 years.

    • Kari is right. If you do not have an autistic child, you have no idea what a mother would do to help her child. Environmental factors are huge in autism and there is no one factor causing autism. If autism was genetic the increase would not be so dramatic. We eat processed genetically modified food, we put aluminium to purify our water, shots do have metals in them to prolong the life of the vaccines, and we are exposed to much more emissions than ever before. If you want to ignore it, wait until you become sick and the doctors have no idea what is causing it. My husband suffers from an autoimmune diesase and the doctors can’t understand it. They want to give you a drug that mask the symptoms but the side effects are worse than the disease. We need to find the cause of diseases and not treat symptoms. Lay off of people who try alternative medicine. If you have a loved one that suffers daily, especially a child, you would try everything to help them. The love of a parent is stronger than anything. I hope people GET SERIOUS about how serious the epidemic of autism is.

    • If this was still in operation today, it would be powerful enough to jam wi-fi and mobile phone signals.

      This radar system was aimed at America, but the signal also went over the Atlantic and over to Europe.

      The amount of EMF we were exposed to in the 1970s and 1980s was much greater than our current exposure. Mobile phone and wi-fi signals are very weak which is why they have to masts every couple of miles to work

  8. Sorry but one tower is not more EMF emissions than all the cell phones, WIFI, microwaves, etc. etc. than there is now. The link you provided gives no data on the total emissions compared to today. Plus your data is wikepedia. Live in your fantasy world. I have woken up.

    • That “one tower” emitted a signal that jammed a significant part of the shortwave radio spectrum all over the world for 14 years

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