Where there’s Electromuck, There’s Brass.

Dr George Carlo is an interesting character. Founder of the Safe Wireless Initiative in the US, he is the leading thinker behind a lot of the concerns about the dangers of mobiles and Wi-Fi.

The campaigners in the UK are in lurve with him. Sites like Electrosentivity-UK worship him. Mast Sanity too. And the EM-Radiation Research Trust.

What appears to be a common thread in nearly all the electrosensitvity sites is their willingness to make money from sufferers, take money from questionable health product sources, or promote suspect products or cures. We have Powerwatch and their sister sites selling metalic wallpaper; EM-Research and their magnetic healing products. And recently, we have had Rod Read from ES-UK highlighting some strange new treatments for sufferers. Even Mast Sanity appear to have fallen for Clarins quack anti-EMF face spray.

And now, it looks as if Dr George Carlo is putting his name behind a whole host of funny looking products. He as formed a ‘strategic alliance’ with BOIPRO technology to help electrosensitivity sufferers.

The delights that this company sells include,

BIOPRO Cell Chip – personal anti-EMF boxes

BIOPRO’s Cell Chip combines the benefits of two powerful, innovative and scientifically substantiated technologies: BIOPRO’s patented noise field nano-technology MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology), and its proprietary subtle energy innovation ERT (Energy Resonance Technology). Individually and collectively, these cutting-edge technologies offer a groundbreaking and effective way to deal with the cumulative stress associated with living in today’s electronic environment.

BIOLife Pendant

The future of body-worn applications to combat life’s stressors, such as electropollution, and many others. Powered by BIOPRO’s very own ERTTM Technology, the BioLife Pendant proudly continues BIOPRO’s tradition of bringing a “A New Generation of Wellness Solutions” to a world in need of progressive change.

and of course,

BIOProduce Fruit Berry Veggie – supplements!!

BioProduce is a cutting-edge, highly concentrated whole food supplement bursting with the amazing health benefits of Mother Nature’s most life-enhancing fruits and vegetables. Power-packed with natural food actives, BioProduce’s unique formulations work synergistically in the body’s cells to ensure you and your family receive the essential nutrients for total well being.

Plus, the hugely profitable,

iWater – energetically enhanced liquids.

A complete system designed to maximize the effective use of iWater in your home and on the go. The iWater system contains our breakthrough iWater Activator andPitcher, which allows you to structure all the water you use in your home and store it at the same time.

I am in the wrong business.


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