The Future of Homeopathy in the UK

31st August, 2007 24

After several decades of increasing popularity, the homeopathic community is finding itself under growing pressure. There is an increasing level of criticism of the practice coming from many quarters, including Richard Dawkins recent Channel 4 programme, lots of bloggers and academics too. Importantly, homeopathy is not being seen as as benign as its adherents’ propaganda suggests and that there are real dangers in the belief in magic water and sugar [read more…]

Charles Darwin and Homeopathy

26th August, 2007 76

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It allows you check stuff, like the claims of quacks, in a way that was not possible just a few years ago. This blog entry would have taken many months of library work and correspondence without the web and some of its amazing content, and now I can do it between mowing the lawn and popping down the pub for a pint. Dana Ullman [read more…]

State Sponsored Quackery

25th August, 2007 20

Homeopathy is under threat within the NHS. A good thing too. But homeopaths are mounting a campaign to help ensure our health service spends its money on voodoo. Some MPs are calling for a debate in parliament in support of homeopathy. You can find out if your MP is on the ‘deluded list’ here. The Early Day Motion being signed by MPs says the following, That this House welcomes the [read more…]

Will Homeopathy and iTunes Cure AIDS?

19th August, 2007 15

Peter Chappell (10 Canards) is a founder member of the Society of Homeopaths, he is a Fellow of the Society and has written several influential books on homeopathy. He describes himself as an inventor and a visionary, a charity worker and teacher. He also appears to be dangerously deluded. Chappell makes his name by producing his own homeopathic preparations. His idea is to produce specific remedies to cure named diseases, [read more…]

If it Quacks Like a Horse

18th August, 2007 12

Mrs Canard Noir has been looking after a friend’s horse for the last few weeks while the owners were on holiday. So, I too have been up at the yard pretending to help out, whilst actually being a bit scared by the big buggers. Not actually riding, and preferring mine with frites, I had a little time to ponder what was going on around me. One thing I noticed was [read more…]

The Gentle Art of Homeopathic Killing

16th August, 2007 64

11 October 2007 11:47am My web hosting company Netcetera have received a complaint from the legal representation of the Society of Homeopaths about this posting. On the request of my hosting company, I have taken down this post while I try to understand the concerns of the Society of Homeopaths. Update 26 October 2007 The Society of Homeopaths have still not responded to requests to explain their position. To see [read more…]

Clarins: Untruthful, Scaremongering Quacks

15th August, 2007 5

Six meddlesome members of the public have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that Clarins have been making untruthful, unsubstantiated and scaremongering claims about their E3P product. Previously, I wrote about this product and how it is making claims that it can protect against ‘Artificial Electromagnetic Waves’. The claims made and the evidence given by Clarins were utter tosh. Specifically, the ASA considered three complaints: 1. Clarins could substantiate the [read more…]

The Breakspear Hospital and Antigen Vaccines

13th August, 2007 62

Let’s jump off the deep end again with the Breakspear Hospital. Previously, we saw Dr Jean Monro using unproven allergy tests with highly questionable electromagnetic ‘therapies’ to treat food allergies. Recap: the Breakspear have started to suggest they can treat Electrosensitives. They have been accused of using highly unorthodox treatments for a whole range of illnesses. Next up, a way of ‘treating’ allergies with their neutralising vaccines. I’ll use their [read more…]

Enemies of Reason – Channel 4

10th August, 2007 1

Don’t forget to watch Channel 4 on Monday 13th. Richard Dawkins is delivering his documentary ‘Enemies of Reason’, with the first part entitled, ‘Slaves to Superstition’ The blurb says, There are two ways of looking at the world – through faith and superstition or through the rigours of logic, observation and evidence – in other words, through reason. Reason and a respect for evidence are precious commodities, the source of [read more…]

Potty Paper and the Tower of Doom and the Magic Hair Dryer

7th August, 2007 3

Two classics from the Daily Mail today. An example of two types of quack story perpetuated by the media. Firstly, a good old scare story. Secondly, an unquestioning promotion of a quack remedy after a press release has been issued. But first, the paper reports that Orange have removed a mobile phone mast from a tower block in Staple Hill, Bristol, after pressure has been put on by local residents. [read more…]

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