Joy’s Homeopathy Shack

This is the work of warped mind, Rudis Muiznieks. Go to his site now. Bookmark.

Here are afew more of my favourites…

Remind you of anyone in the UK?

Remind you of any homeopaths?

The MMR fiasco explained in three cartoon panels.

As if a complementary therapist would say such things…

Ooops. Have I offended anyone?

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  1. Now look, I’ve just wasted about an hour laughing my socks off at all thoses cartoons. How am I supposed to get any work done?

    Excellent stuff – excellent site

  2. Well done on creating awareness to the masses abouts a lot of quacks out there. You have again and again collaborated with the giant pharmaceuticals and doctors who( though not all) are massing in millions of dollars. Well done. I guess when science feels threatened or giant pharmaceuticals feels that their dollars is lesser as people becoming more aware of their motives, who do they call? Le Canard Noir.

  3. Hehehe I don’t think Le canard noir is paid at all by anyone. He feels he has to take upon himself to expose the quacks just like the Islamic fanatics does when they declare war on the innocents.

  4. You haven’t called him a Nazi yet – it’ll have to wait until next time eh?

    Though I like the thought of the little black duck as a solo A-Team, I doubt that there’s a hotline – a “Duck-phone” if you like – black, of course.

    Tres chic..

  5. To me it takes a “Bigger One to recognize a Smaller One”. To those out there who have “Holier than Thou” attitude, this parable is for you…

    There was once two Buddhist monasteries built facing each other. One was new and run by young monks and the other was old and run by older monks. One day the two of the monks from the monastery met and greeted each other while on their way to the market to collect some alms. The young monk dressed in beautiful and colourful robes whereas the old monk dressed in shabby and worn out robes. The old monk greeted the young monk and said; Amittabha, wow you look like a Buddha whereas the young monk replied by saying; Amittabha, but you look like a piece of shit. After a short journey down the road, the young monk somewhat felt a bit guilty of what he replied asked the old monk if he was offended? The old monk said not at all… not at all… because in the minds of an enlightened one, everyone looks like a Buddha, but in the mind of a piece of shit, everyone looks like a piece of shit…

  6. Oh, yes, all the anonnies, let’s all just focus on ad hominem being the basis of all reality, instead of looking for the truth using the most reliable method ever discovered.

    So, instead of constructive criticism or presentation of positive evidence, you can make up whatever connections you like to transfer negative imagery onto Le Canard Noir.

    And, of course, ‘Chi Master’ has to come up with some irrelevant, broken parable that apparently tries to claim that ‘in the minds of an enlightened one’ lies are true, inflicting suffering is good, questioning authority is bad, and other such horrid things that allow sCAM artists to exploit the suffering for fun and profit.

    I don’t think you lot are much better than those book-burning homeopathic thugs who rule by monetary intimidation.

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