Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health Closes

30th April, 2010 23

As predicted last week, Prince Charles Charity has closed amid claims of fraud, money laundering and misuse of charity status. Their statement reads. 30 April 2010 The Trustees of The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health have decided to close the charity. Whilst the closure has been planned for many months and is part of an agreed strategy, the Trustees have brought forward the closure timetable as a result of a [read more…]

Why I am Standing Against David Tredinnick

22nd April, 2010 7

Yesterday I bumped into a friend who declared himself disappointed in me for standing against David Tredinnick over homeopathy. “I thought you were the one rational, sane science writer who had an open mind about homeopathy,” he said. I told him I do have an open mind: I am sure homeopathy is a placebo (when it does anything) but I’m willing to admit that I don’t think we’ve quite proved that yet. [read more…]

Prince of Wales Charity Faces Imminent Closure

20th April, 2010 7

The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health has just a few more days to submit its accounts for 2008 before it risks the near certainty of delisting as a charity. According to the Charity Commission web site, the accounts are now 171 days overdue. Charities have ten months to submit their Annual Return. After this time, they are given warnings and reminders for four months. Failing submission after this grace period, [read more…]

Au Revoir, Paula Ross

19th April, 2010 12

It would appear that the Chief Executive of the Society of Homeopaths, Paula Ross, has left the building. This morning, the web page that lists the staff of the Society no longer includes her profile. It were there yesterday, and now it is gone. And also, separately, a little dickie bird tells me that the Society and Ross “have agreed to part company amicably”. Chilling words that anyone who has [read more…]

Who is to Blame for Bad Health Journalism?

16th April, 2010 14

Fiona Fox, Director of the Science Media Centre, has been complaining that blogs are not real journalism. She appears to be upset that bloggers are supposedly claiming to be better than journalists and that such sentiment might undermine the fragile existence of science journalism in the media. Comments quickly filled her article suggesting blogs are journalism and that she is confusing a technology medium with an approach to writing – [read more…]

The British Chiropractic Association Humiliated.

15th April, 2010 17

People who work in public healthcare, or are involved with the promotion of health practitioners or techniques, do not have an absolute right to a reputation. It is most important that the claims, behaviours and results achieved are subject to the highest levels of public scrutiny. It is only in doing so that we can be confident that our healthcare providers are doing more good than harm. In pursuing that scrutiny, [read more…]

Dame Shirley Porter Funded Prince Charles’ Political Report on NHS Alternative Medicine

6th April, 2010 26

After writing about how Prince Charles’ charity, the Foundation for Integrated Health, is now under police investigation for possible fraud, it has become clear how I have missed one of the most shocking aspects of the Smallwood Report. The report has proved to be very controversial because it was commissioned by Prince Charles and was sent directly to government ministers in an attempt to influence them to fund the provision [read more…]

Police Investigate The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health

4th April, 2010 14

Scotland Yard has been called into Prince Charles’ charity, the Foundation for Integrated Health, to investigate alleged fraudulent transactions. Reports suggest that either £150,000 or £300,000 has gone missing from the charity and that the accounts could not be signed off by auditors because of transactional discrepancies. The charity has already received fines for late submission of accounts. Failure to file is a criminal offense. This comes just a few [read more…]