The Herbalists are Delighted.

Government announces statutory
Regulation to Save Herbal Medicines

The Campaign is delighted to announce and welcome the Government’s decision, issued today, that herbal medicine practitioners are at long last to be statutorily regulated, and
this to is to be done under the auspices of the existing Health Professions Council (HPC)! After 8 years of meetings and consultations, committees and reviews, not to mention setbacks, it is wonderful that the voice of the citizens of the UK has been listened to and finally agreed with. The Department of Health also released its Review of the Consultation Process which ended in 2009 and there are many encouraging details contained therein. For example, it has been revealed today that 85% of the
respondents to the Consultation on herbal regulation were in favour of statutory regulation. Amarjeet S Bhamra, campaign founder said “We congratulate the Govt on taking this long awaited decision. By doing so they have acted to protect our human rights and freedom of  choice and although there is still a lot of work to be done, this is the first concrete step in the right direction. What is of great interest to me now is the manner in which the HPC will set about its new task and I hope that they have the vision to ensure that the regulatory and decision making process is inclusive  and takes in to account the views of the various voluntary bodies who have been doing their best to regulate this sector for so many years. With the current challenges faced by HealthCare in this country, we need to adopt a holistic approach to how we all work together to deliver the best for our citizens. When we started the campaign over 14 months ago, we couldn’t get more than a handful of MP’s to even
reply to us but with the blessings of HH Swami Ramdev and guidance of Lord King, Lord Dholakia, Lord Popat and the unfailing support of David Tredinnick MP, John MacDonnell MP,and the encouragement of Paul Uppal MP, Virendra Sharma MP, and Keith Vaz MP as well as others we persevered. Thanks are also due to the 50,000 + visitors to the website whose enthusiasm and emails of support kept the lights burning. With this announcement I feel that a major corner has been turned and I look forward to making sure that CAM finds its true place in the ‘medicine chest’ available to all in the UK ” Satish Sharma, campaign dogsbody said “in the words of Voltaire, there is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come, and it is clear that the place of herbal medicine in the history of human healing is as unassailable as it is ancient, and its time has truly arrived. It is greatly empowering to see the campaign objectives being achieved so fully and I would like to extend a huge hug to everyone who   participated in any way whatsoever! Now we need to move to get Classical Yoga and other Indian Healing Sciences recognised as having an equally valid place in the landscape of our British Health Services….. The work
never stops!

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